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How to Delete a Validated Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

Ever have the problem where you have created a Delivery for a Sales Order and then Validated the Delivery, only to realize that there is a mistake?    Now you want to delete the Delivery but the Delete Button is grayed out.

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How to Choose a Supplier on a Back-to-Back Order in Sage EM

In Sage Enterprise Management (SEM/X3) you can create a Back-to-Back Order where a Purchase Order is created directly from a Sales Order. Have you ever had the problem or wondered what to do if you have multiple Suppliers that you use for the .

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Understanding Change Requests Impact on BOMs and Routings in Sage EM v11

V11 Understanding Change Requests Impact on BOMs and Routings This will explain how a Change Request can be inquired from the BOM and Routing functions. It will help to inform Engineering of pending changes. Changes to a Product can have a .

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How to setup WIP Finalization as a Recurring Task in Sage X3

Need to know how to close out the final step to cost your work orders? WIP Finalization is the Final Step to Cost your Work Orders This can also be accomplished when you close a Work Order if you answer Yes to the question:  “Production Cost .

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