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Sending Email via Office 365 in Sage 500 ERP

With more companies migrating their on-premises email systems to Office 365, many clients are interested in sending emails via Office 365 in their Sage 500. With Office 365, Microsoft made the process of relaying email much easier by giving ...

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Windows XP End of Life: Use PowerShell to Find Remaining Windows XP Machines

Are you ready for Windows XP End of Life?  With April 8th, 2014 rapidly approaching you might find yourself scratching your head wondering how many Windows XP computers are in your environment that need to be replaced or upgraded. There are various ...

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Survey Reveals Hiring Up and Growing in Manufacturing Sector

Sage recently surveyed 134 executives of small and mid-sized (SMB) manufacturers about the general health of their businesses and use of ERP software. The survey revealed that hiring is up, with 73% of respondents reporting that they've hired staff ...

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