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Richard Cushing

Richard Cushing
Richard is a Senior Solutions Architect at RKL eSolutions LLC. He is a Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) as recognized by the ISCEA. He also holds various certifications including Sage Certified Consultant on Sage 500 ERP. Richard has over 25 years of practical experience with a variety of information systems, project management, business consulting, enterprise application integration design and deployment.
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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems

Evaluating Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems Recently I was working with a supply chain client where the company was seeking to implement manufacturing systems that included an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS). I asked them: .

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Protecting Yourself and Contacts from Phishing Emails

It seems that dangerous phishing emails has become a regular to many inboxes. What: a business contact and friend of mine had his business email account “cleverly hacked” (his words, whatever that means). As a result, I received a dangerous phishing .

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Questions to Consider When Selecting ERP Software

27 Computers and software can make excellent allies in business and supply chain management. However, while certain progress is being made into the realm of artificial intelligence, for the present—at least—the computers we employ for most of our .

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The Most Powerful Supply Chain Management System

Nearly 20 years ago, someone wisely observed: The most powerful computer system is the one that gets used. This comes to mind today in light of the current debate in the supply chain management world between the different schools of thought—much of .

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The Focused Supply Chain

Who says you can't win 'em all? Most of the companies with which we work would really like to "win 'em all." They'd like to have the lowest costs, the best sales, lowest operating expenses and highest profits in their league. The problem is that no .

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Better Inventory Management

So, a colleague of mine was asking some questions about how he might help his small-to-midsized business enterprise clients improve their supply chain and inventory management within Sage 100. Knowing that many of these small businesses have grown .

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