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Richard Cushing

Richard Cushing
Richard is a Senior Solutions Architect at RKL eSolutions LLC. He is a Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) as recognized by the ISCEA. He also holds various certifications including Sage Certified Consultant on Sage 500 ERP. Richard has over 25 years of practical experience with a variety of information systems, project management, business consulting, enterprise application integration design and deployment.
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Weaknesses in Supply Chain Metrics

In this article, I’d like to discuss my view of some common supply chain metrics, and their weaknesses. The important metrics should be about meeting tomorrow’s customer demands, not what happened yesterday and we can do nothing about it.

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Why The Biggest Gains Are from Innovation, Not Efficiencies

Economists and economic theory can, more or less, explain only about 20 percent of the worldwide growth in per-capita income over the last 200-plus years. After economists account for factors such as labor, capital, natural resources, they ascribe .

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7 Supply Chain Resolutions

Are you caught in the situation of being forced to rely on traditional forecast-driven MRP or DRP methods? 7 Things to Consider When Making Changes in Your Supply Chain? 1. We will create a system that senses demand and autonomously responds for .

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems

Evaluating Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems Recently I was working with a supply chain client where the company was seeking to implement manufacturing systems that included an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS). I asked them: .

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