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4 Ways Sage Intacct gives you the most complete cloud financial integrated recycling software reporting system

Are you an international trader, a waste brokerage firm, or recycling company, that needs better visibility of your operations—something that QuickBooks and spreadsheets weren’t built to do?

1. Turn data into insight

Sage Intacct’s innovative general ledger includes 10 built-in dimensions to capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets. That means you can quickly access or create reports that analyze real-time business performance by business drivers—without managing a complex chart of accounts. Sage Intacct’s predefined dimensions are ready to go out of the box, including project, customer, location, department, vendor, item, employee, warehouse, contract, and class. And it’s easy to add more dimensions to reflect unique business drivers and take your financial reports to the next level.

Intacct Dimensional Accounting

2. See the total picture with financial and operational reporting

Most accounting systems can only handle financial data, but Sage Intacct tracks and reports both financial and operational data—like square footage, availability of equipment or materials, or other measures that matter to your business. With all your financial and operational data in one place, Sage Intacct cloud financial integrated recycling software gives you better reports, better information, and better insights.

Intacct Nonprofit Financial & Operational Dashboard

3. Get rich reports, the way you want them

With Sage Intacct, financial reporting and analysis options are almost limitless. For example, you can:

  • Compare operational statistics with financial metrics.
  • Check summary roll-up figures for multiple entities—even if it’s only mid-month.
  • Drill down to source transactions instantly.
  • Flag trends and spot exceptions with powerful report visualizations.
  • Compare performance across any business driver that matters to you.

Sage Intacct includes 150 built-in financial reports as well as gives you the ability to easily create custom reports. Forget Excel reporting, waiting for customized projects, or relying on external tools.

4. See the big picture, in seconds

Sage Intacct financial dashboards show you the big picture at a glance. Every user can customize their dashboard to show the metrics that matter most, like cash balances, project profitability, or revenue per square foot. Those dashboards show live data, so everyone is always up to speed. And you can add Performance Cards to quickly see trends in your key metrics.

Get a 360-degree view of success with RKL eSolutions

Sage Intacct delivers the insights your trade, waste brokerage, or recycling company needs to get ahead and stay ahead. Take success even further with the —we’ll design and implement a cloud technology solution that’s flexible and scalable, and that gives you the in-depth, real-time reporting your growing business demands. and get started today.

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