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How to Prevent Users from Posting Sales and Purchase Invoices in Sage EM

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We often hear the complaint about staff posting Sales and Purchase invoices to Sage EM (formerly SageX3) in error. With the steps provided below extra security can be set up in Sage EM that will prohibit users from posting Sales and Purchase invoices.

  1. Go to Setup, Users, UsersSage EM Setup Users
  2. Tunnel to the ‘Function profile’ for the selected user.
  3. From the right column, click on the ‘Authorizations’ link for the Functional profile.Sage EM Functional Profile
  4. Enter GESSIH (Sales Invoices) or GESPIH (Purchase Invoices) in the ‘Function’ field.
  5. Click the ‘Options’ action box to view the details of each security option available.
  6. Remove the Letter “V” to prevent the ability to post for any user in this functional profile.The user will receive this error if attempting to post:Now you know how to make your Sage Enterprise Management Solution more secure. If you are looking for more Sage Enterprise Management (X3) tips and tricks read these recent blogs:

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