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3 Technologies That Will Transform Your Job

We may think of the future as a far-distant time from now—10, maybe even 20 years down the road. Not so. Fast-evolving technology is quickly blurring the line between the present and the future. What was recently science fiction is quickly becoming .

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Imagining the Benefits of Blockchain in a F&B Supply Chain

Blockchain technology has evolved quickly and has positively impacted some industries, especially financial sectors and banking. Blockchain has a lot of potential to impact the food and beverage industry. How Blockchain can be implemented in the .

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Blockchains Complement ERP Platforms

  Manufacturers face complex production bottlenecks on a daily basis.  Our systems are already designed to mitigate the high premium we place on inventory control, lead times. Blockchain mediums, within integrating systems, have changed slightly .

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Time to Start Talking about Blockchain

I remember the first time I undertook an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration project.  It was 1999, I had recently changed the course of my post-Army career from a Novell Certified Network Engineer to programming.  I’m sitting in front of .

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