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The 'Groundhog Day' of Corporate Performance Management with Spreadsheets

Finance and accounting teams at media and entertainment organizations often run into similar sets of problems that can stretch their consolidations out for weeks and also delay monthly closes when they rely on outdated legacy software. Corporate .

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Looking to Implement Cloud Financial or CPM Software?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your business to cloud financial software. There are lots of excellent reasons to do so—greater efficiencies, a lower cost of ownership, rapid ROI, and deeper insight into your business. Plus, you’re investing .

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4 C’s to Keep in Mind When Choosing CPM Software

Exploring the Right CPM Software for Active Planning Today’s business moves at lightning speed, and it’s up to finance professionals to help their company get ahead. To be successful, the focus of your job must shift from operational to strategic, .

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Visualize Your KPIs with Corporate Performance Management Software

Imagine finishing your month-end process and having a clear view of the measurements that spell success for your company. If you’re currently using Excel, or other on-premise solutions, for tracking and managing the company, this might be a complete .

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3 Reasons to Learn More about CPM Software

Cloud CPM tools have come a long way in recent years. Once targeted mostly at expert users, these software solutions have evolved into intuitive, companywide assets suitable for budgeting, financial modeling, discovering trends, and running a .

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Data Gathering for your CPM System

To grow your company and improve your bottom line you must be able to anticipate and react quickly to changes in the business environment. One of the best tools available to help you and your management team make decisions is a corporate performance .

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Accounting and CPM software: A dynamic duo for your finance team

Like chocolate and peanut butter or salt and pepper, accounting and corporate performance management software go hand in hand. The relationship may not seem obvious on the surface, though, because of the key differences in the specific tasks they .

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3 reasons your finance team is thankful for CPM software this season

What should finance teams be thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Many would probably say "our outstanding people" or "our great organization." But others, finally relieved of the burdens of spreadsheet-based forecasting and constant runarounds .

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