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Aligning Lot Numbers with Work Order Numbers

Some companies would like to create their Finished Good products with a Lot Number that is the same as the Work Order Number that created the product. This can making tracing the Lot easier. If you would like to know how to do that, please see .

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How to Renumber or Change a Lot Number for Stock in Sage X3

Warehouses and distribution centers are hubs of activity with a constant flow of goods in and out of the facility to any number of destinations around the world. No matter how organized your company may be, there is always the possibility of small .

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How to modify lot’s expiration date when item exists in multiple sites in Sage EM

Sage X3 Characteristics Change Function There may be certain situations in your manufacturing process where the characteristics of a lot (ex. Expiration date) must be changed. The Characteristics Change function can be used to make edits but if the .

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Almond Business Grows with Sage and Migrates to Sage X3

Stewart & Jasper Orchards (S&J) has been a family run business for over 60 years. S&J has expanded over the years to become a leader in hulling, shelling, processing, exporting and marketing almonds through both wholesale and retail .

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Track Lots across Product Lifecycle

When it comes to food safety, transparency plays a part in every stage of the food production cycle. Lot tracking has a critical role to quickly and successfully track down a specific batch of products that were produced together.  In circumstances .

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Sage X3 Manufacturing Tracking Options for Process Manufacturers

In general, there are several ways to configure inventory and manufacturing transactions within Sage X3. Depending upon the specified process tracking requirements, there are typically three methods recommended for process manufacturing companies: .

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