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How to Hide Zero Rows Using Excel Functionality in Sage Intelligence

Do your Sage Intelligence financial and operational reports include rows with zero values? Would your financial and operational reports be tidier and more readable if you could hide the rows with zero values? Because Sage Intelligence Reporting uses .

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Sage Intelligence Report Manager Unrecognized Database Format Error

I can’t open anything in Sage Intelligence. When I launch Report Manager I get an “Unrecognized Database Format” error! When a user tries to launch Sage Intelligence (SI), there is a critical system file named ‘alchemex.svd’ which the system must .

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The Why of BI Reporting

What’s the Big Deal With Business Intelligence (BI) Anyway? Compared with established business technology like ERP systems or warehouse management software (WMS), Business Intelligence (BI) is a relative newcomer. But that hasn’t kept BI reporting .

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Top 5 Third Party Add-Ons for Sage 100

Third Party Solutions for Sage 100 Sage 100 is a solid product with years of stability, customer successes and enhancements. Like any software application, though, Sage 100 doesn’t address every need or requirement for every business. Sage 100 .

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5 Common Questions About Sage Intelligence and Enterprise Intelligence

I recently sat down with Scott Watts, our Sage Business Intelligence and reporting guru to address five common questions about Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence. Scott is our Business Intelligence, expert.

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How to Delete your Folders From X3 and SEI

We often get the question from clients how do we delete folders that are no longer needed from our Sage X3 and Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)? This blogs walks through the steps to remove your folders and data from X3 and SEI. How to remove your .

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What's New In Sage X3?

Here are some recent developments, product updates, and other important news about Sage X3 including: Name Change for Sage X3 No-Cost Sage Intelligence Reporting Bundle Share Your Ideas for Product Enhancements Let's Take a Closer Look.

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The Sage Intelligence Cheat Sheet

With so many Sage customers that have recently begun using Sage Intelligence Reporting or plan to use it soon as a replacement for FRx, we thought it might be helpful to provide an overview of the various Sage Intelligence reporting components. This .

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