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Sage Expense Integrator

  Sage Expense Connector The RKL Expense Connector includes a series of tools which make A/P Automation with Concur or Certify Expense fully integrated with your ERP system.  The connector provides a seamless integration between Concur Expense, .

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How to Build a Roadmap for Expense Management Automation

Automation has become a key priority for finance leaders. According to the 2018 Expense Management Trends Report by Certify, Inc., 18 percent of organizations are planning to upgrade from manual systems to a web-based expense management tool. And .

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Sage 100 Purchase Vendor Transfer Window

This blog was written in response to a question posted on a recent blog How to Settle a Vendor Invoice Paid by Credit Card in Sage 100. The follow-up question was - Is there a way to select multiple invoices for the same vendor when moving it to the .

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Expense Report Software: Do Expense Reports Your Way

Make Time and Expense Reporting Easy Time and expense reporting is viewed as a necessary evil. Nobody likes it—from employees who spend hours photocopying receipts to finance teams who suffer from a lack of visibility into expense spending. Even .

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How to Settle a Vendor Invoice Paid by Credit Card in Sage 100

I Paid a Vendor Using a Credit Card and Need to Create a Payable to the Credit Card Company in Sage 100 Scenario:  We have paid several vendors using our corporate credit card. We have received the statement from our Credit Card Company.  We want to .

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Save time and money by integrating Concur with Sage

Does expense reporting give your accounting team headaches? The process of collecting expenses through recording transactions to settlement and reimbursement can be a manual and time consuming endeavor. But, it doesn’t have to be. RKL eSolutions .

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Sage 500 & X3 Integration with Concur

Concur is a business travel and expense solution which allowed on line entry of travel expenses. The Concur interface to Sage 500 and Sage X3 can be used to automate the import of expense reports to Accounts Payable and Project Accounting through a .

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