Waste, Trade & Recycling SoftwareStaying Green and $aving Green


Many manufacturers and distributors today have adopted eco-friendly standards for sustainability and environmental protections. Other businesses have made a career of it. Waste brokers, international traders and recyclers have unique recycling software needs that standard solutions aren’t designed to address.

Software Focused on the Recycling Industry

From waste broker dispatching through recycling operations to companies that export recycled commodities, inventory tracking, cost control and process visibility are the keys to profitability and competitive differentiation.



An End-to-End Solution for Your Entire Operation

It’s important to select a product and partner with experience managing the challenges of waste management, trade and recycling. At RKL eSolutions, our recycling software solutions combine years of industry expertise with the right technology. Leveraging the powerful functionality of Sage and Cietrade, we help recyclers:

  • Streamline accounting processes with a solution that automatically consolidates multiple entities
  • Utilize reports and dashboards to easily analyze data dimensions such as truck, route, location, contract, service type (or create your own)
  • Increase productivity by eliminating duplicate entries, workarounds and disconnected solutions
  • Gain unmatched inventory visibility and traceability of materials throughout the operation
  • Record landed inventory value, control production costs and track material quality
  • Manage volatile commodities with intuitive trading forms
  • Automate logistics workflow and documentation for ecommerce with solutions specially designed for paper merchants and converters
  • Access the cloud-based solution from any location on any device

Ideal For:

Metal Recyclers Waste Brokerage       Pulp & Paper Trading
Scrap Yards Plastic Recyclers Paper Merchants
International Trade         Recycling Plants