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How Much Does Sage Intacct Cost: Implementation

This is part two of our blog series on the required investment for Sage Intacct subscription and implementation. Read the first post for a scintillating discussion on how subscription pricing works:Part one:  Calculating the cost of the Sofware Subscription
and then continue on to...
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What Happens During an Implementation Project?

RKL’s implementation methodology is a delivery framework of phases, tasks, and milestones to ensure that your people, processes, and technology are all prepped and ready for success. The project is highly collaborative and is dependent upon RKL and the Client team working closely together to achieve mutual goals.

targetPhase 1: Define

  • Kick-off the project
  • Create a project plan including roles, responsibilities, tasks, and timing of deliverables
  • Capture and document functional requirements
  • Extract data from legacy system and populate import templates

processPhase 2: Configure / Build

  • Create production environment
  • Configure Sage Intacct
  • Upload finalized data templates

stepsPhase 3: Model / Test

  • Test the configured solution to confirm Intacct is working as designed
  • Document changes and apply to the production environment
  • Train client team

rocketPhase 4: Deploy / Go-Live

  • Process transactions in Sage Intacct production environment
  • Populate and upload post-live data templates like GL balances, open bills/invoices, etc.
  • Assist with post go-live activities including bank reconciliation and month-end close
  • Close project and transition Client to customer success and support team


What Does an Implementation of Sage Intacct Cost?

A good “rule of thumb” for services is that for every dollar you spend in subscription, you can expect to spend 1 – 1.5 dollars with a consulting organization like RKL. Of course, circumstances and the level of required assistance from RKL will vary, but that should provide a reasonable, preliminary number to stick in your budget.

What Happens Post-Implementation?

Once the implementation is over, RKL continues to partner with you! Our consulting team and customer success manager work together to ensure you’re receiving maximum value from your relationship with RKL and Sage Intacct. Our goal is nothing short of “Sage Intacct awesomeness” for every client!

To learn more about the full cost of Sage Intacct, read the next to posts in our series:
Part three: Factoring in the Soft Costs

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Mark Severance

Written by Mark Severance

Mark is based in the Los Angeles area, working as the West Sales Director for Sage Intacct at RKL eSolutions.