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How Much Does Sage Intacct Cost: Soft Costs



In this post, we talk about the time requirements for the client team that will help ensure the Sage Intacct implementation is successful.

If you're looking for information about subscription or implementation costs, check out our pricing page.

In other words, as your company considers an upcoming software migration, you’ll need to consider the hard dollar costs (software subscription and services fees) and soft dollar costs (team members’ time spent on the project).

Your team will play a critical role in project success. Like any good partnership, a software implementation requires 100% commitment from both our team and yours to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals and priorities. It’s no surprise that the most successful projects result when the Client takes ownership of their project and is an active participant at each step along the way. Conversely, a Client team that is too busy to followup on project milestones, shows up to weekly meetings unprepared, and secretly hopes that RKL will just do everything for them, will inevitably hinder project success.

So … About How Much Time Will it Really Take for Individual Team Members?

The below table provides an overview of primary Client team member roles, responsibilities, and estimated time required to fulfill those responsibilities throughout the project. Note: these are averages, and every project ebbs and flows at certain points.

This table was taken from RKL’s “Customer Journey” document. If you have any questions on the details of how we collaborate with our clients to manage and deliver a successful project, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Executive Sponsor Description

·  Define project mission and provide steering
·  Prioritize the implementation relative to other customer initiatives to avoid delays
·  Promote and encourage system adoption

Recommended Personel CEO, CFO
Estimated Time Required 2 hours/month
Project Manager Description

Primary project contact with full authority to act on behalf of Client with respect to:

·   Managing client’s project deliverables
·   Accepting project deliverables
·   Authorizing payments
·   Facility and meeting coordination
·   Reviewing and approving deliverables and sign-offs
·   Arranging interviews
·   Interfacing with RKL to ensure an efficient exchange of information and that important and timely decisions are made

Recommended Personel Controller, Business Operations / Systems Manager
Estimated Time Required 4-6 hours/week
Core Team of Users Description

Represent a cross-section of client’s business / functional areas

·   Ensure the successful and timely completion of tasks within their respective business / functional areas needed to achieve project milestones
·   Identify and recruit project team members in their focus group
·   Assist with development and execution of training, mapping, prototype/modeling, and piloting

Recommended Personel Sales, accounts receivable, purchasing, accounts payable, accounting managers
Estimated Time Required 2-4 hours/week
Technical Team Description

Primary project contact for providing technical assistance to support the implementation team.

·   Extract data from current ERP
· Cleanse/scrub data to prep for new system
·   Learn and populate Sage Intacct data templates for upload
·   Collaborate with RKL project team to provide required expertise on internal systems/applications to aid with and ensure the success of integration projects

Recommended Personel IT, Business Systems Mgr., CIO
Estimated Time Required Periodic/As Needed


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Mark Severance

Written by Mark Severance

Mark is based in the Los Angeles area, working as the Sales Director for Sage CRE at RKL eSolutions. Mark leads RKL eSolutions customers through the buying process, helping them decide on the best Sage CRE solutions and configuration to suit their business needs.