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5 Pillars of Non Profit Accounting Software

Accountability. Transparency. Efficiency. These values apply to all businesses, but especially to nonprofit accounting software and organizations with a mission to fulfill and stakeholders to satisfy. When undertaking a project, it’s critical that .

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Non Profit Accounting Software: Improve Transparency for the Non-Profit Industry

“Nonprofits touch each of our lives every day. Educating youth, caring for veterans, healing the sick, supporting our elders, elevating the arts, protecting natural resources, and much more: nonprofits are making a difference all around us” .

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3 ways non-profits can improve their financial management processes

As a non-profit organization, you have every incentive to contain your costs while still accurately reporting on your sources of funding, managing multiple entities and complying with various regulations. However, there are several common .

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How do non-profits know when it's time to ditch QuickBooks?

What is the most obvious sign that your financial software is no longer up to the job? A few possibilities include:

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How to make non-profit accounting as easy as 1-2-3

Non-profit accounting software for non-profit organizations are in a transitional phase this decade, as many of them are migrating to new software platforms in an attempt to strengthen their fundraising, streamline donor management and leave .

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Non Profit Accounting: Simplify non profit budgeting

Non-profits by design do not seek to produce profits, but that does not mean that their accounting operations are straightforward. On the contrary, being a non-profit means having to keep track of multiple funds (some of which may be restricted), .

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How cloud accounting software sets non-profits up for success

Have you ever worked a jigsaw puzzle? As long as one of the pieces didn't fall into the couch cushions or get chewed up by a dog, everything eventually fits together pretty nicely. When it comes to non-profit accounting, though, problems and .

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Why nonprofits should switch to cloud accounting software

U.S. nonprofits have come under increased scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service over the last decade. This level of attention, coupled with the already limited staff and financial resources at many of these organizations, has complicated .

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