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Intacct Cloud Stack Boosts Growth for Nonprofit

Are you budgeting and planning across hundreds of spreadsheets and workbooks? UNITE HERE HEALTH (UHH), a national multi-employer nonprofit  that provides health benefits to eligible union members; had mounds spreadsheets across hundreds of workbooks in Excel all linked and used to update the annual budget. This had become very manual, prone to errors, and time consuming. They were looking for a solution that could mitigate complexity, minimize duplicate data entry, and meet the company's long-term, mission-critical needs. It was 2014 and UHH knew they had to do something so they installed Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights. Read SUCCESS STORY.

“After comparing Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct, and Infor, we learned that Sage Intacct was by far the most focused on the fundamentals of accounting and financial reporting,” said Bryan Schmidt, Controller at UNITE HERE HEALTH. “Sage Intacct’s strategy aligned with UHH’s core values to provide on-line, real time financial insight surrounded by qualified partners and the ability to deliver substantial innovations every quarter.”

Cloud Stack Provides Flexibility

It's rare that a business only need a financial solution. Sage Intacct provides the platform to a modern cloud financial solution with the ability to seemlessly incorporate additional solutions. UHH implemented Intacct and then integrated solutions such as Adaptive Insights for budgeting and planning, Yooz for accounts payable automation, Concur for travel management, FloQast for monthly close tracking, BNA for fixed assets, Fastpath for internal control enhancements, US Bank for cash deposits & reconcilement, and Alteryx for Excel data analytics workflows. They haven't had to add any staff because of automated solutions. Staff is even able to work from home a couple days a week. Since 2014 UHH has experienced 50% growth. 


UHH Success Story

Sofia Pascuzzo

Written by Sofia Pascuzzo

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