EDI SolutionsReduce Errors and Improve Accuracy when Exchanging Data

Your Personal Post Office Between You and Your Trading Partner

What is EDi technology?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology is the process of electronically exchanging data, or more specifically business documents, between companies. Business documents may include: Orders, Invoices, Acknowledgements, and Advance Shipping Notices. Essentially, it is an electronic conversation between two business systems (referred to as "trading partners") that send or receive documents from each other. 

benefits of edi

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Errors are reduced because data is not re-typed into another system. This results in the elimination of excessive shipping charges and the cost of returns for incorrect orders.

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Electronic documents are delivered quicker than paper documents resulting in faster turnaround, happier customers, and competitive advantage.

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Direct & Indirect Savings
Reduces direct costs such as papers and forms, postage, printers and toner, and document storage. Indirect benefits can include reduced lead times, increased inventory turns, better use of warehouse space and improved cash flow.

Our Preferred Solutions Include:

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