Sage Estimating, Sage BidMatrix & eTakeoff Dimension Faster, Accurate Estimates

Sage Estimating is built for the complex building and real estate market to help streamline your cost estimating process — from conceptual estimate to final bill of material — and everywhere in between, including capital budgeting capabilities for corporate owners who need to perform "what-if" scenarios.

Whether you're working in commercial and industrial construction, residential construction, electrical construction or any other specialty, Sage Estimating gives you the flexibility, speed and accuracy to generate competitive estimates, bids and budgets. An innovative spreadsheet interface is supported by fast takeoff tools, a comprehensive price database, and a wide range of ways to analyze and fine-tune your project before you commit your first dime.

With the recent addition of Bridgetown Software's BidMatrix (now known as Sage BidMatrix), you can simplify your bid management by removing bidding uncertainties and securing more projects at the right price with greater confidence.


Key Features of Sage Estimating:


trade specific databases

Sage Estimating lets you add specific cost items into your bid estimate using trade-specific databases (commercial, residential, site development, masonry, etc.).


smart assemblies

Sage Estimating uses Smart Assemblies that guide you as costs associated with materials, labor supplies, and equipment are automatically calculated.


automatic reports

Sage Estimating has built-in report-writing capabilities that help you generate organized, professional reports in seconds.

Key Features of eTakeoff Dimension:


Snap Technology

The built-in Snap-AI can predict enabling points, logical lines, polyline selections, and more for maximum flexibility.

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While working on various projects, pattern search will automatically find multiple occurrences of the same symbols that need to be counted (i.e., fixtures or switches) for the takeoff.


no incomplete models

Transfer your 2D and 3D takeoff information between Sage Estimating and eTakeoff Dimension and easily input any missing information from incomplete models.

Sage Estimating ThumbSage Estimating: Better Estimates by Every Measure

Sage Estimating is powered by trade-specific cost databases, enabling you to turbo-charge takeoffs and final proposals. Input your own costs into a prebuilt database or choose a database prepopulated with costs.


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Improving hit ratio thumbImprove Your Bid-Hit Ratio: Top 5 Essentials of a Winning Bid Strategy

These qualities are no longer nice-to-haves when it comes to construction bids. They are both expected from your clients and necessary to stand out from the throng of firms bidding against you.


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eTakeoff ThumbeTakeoff Dimension: Product Overview

eTakeoff Dimension is an electronic quantity takeoff solution that significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods.


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eTakeoff Dimension
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Introducing Sage Estimating & eTakeoff Dimension (1:43)

See how Sage Estimating and eTakeoff Dimension can help you avoid takeoff errors and speed up your estimating process.

introducing sage estimating & etakeoff dimension (8:09)

Sage Estimating's "Best in Class" digital takeoff significantly reduces takeoff time, enabling estimators to pull 2D details and 3D drawings with a single tool.

real results - lem construction (2:42)

Watch this video and see how Sage Estimating and eTakeoff Dimension have helped LEM Construction reduce 2-3 days of work to 4-5 hours.

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