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Pitching Profits: How Construction Accounting Hits a Financial Home Run

Pitching Profits: How Construction Accounting Hits a Financial Home Run

As my son transitions in to adulthood and embarks on a new career path, I can't help but fondly look back on the memories we shared during his time as a dedicated ball player. Watching him grow and excel on and off the field, I was reminded of the parallels between watching his coach lead their baseball team to victory and the process of implementing a construction accounting system.

In the scenario below, I'll be walking you through how each step of a baseball game is like that of the implementation processes and how the baseball coach will be your implementation partner (your RKL team) and the baseball players are similar to you and your organization.

8 Plays in Baseball and ERP Implementations

1. Pre-Game Preparation

In preparation for the big game, the coach gathers the team to review game footage, analyzing the opponent's plays, hits, and steals to craft the perfect strategy. Understanding each player's strengths and weaknesses, the coach ensures they are equipped with the right tools and knowledge of their roles on the field.

Similar to how a coach understands their team's strengths and ensures they know their positions, it's essential for you to familiarize yourself with your accounting system and your complex processes. This includes recognizing the limitations of your current system, exploring available options, and determining which publisher/partner can facilitate a seamless transition for your organization.

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2. The Starting Lineup

With a deep understanding of their team's capabilities and shortcomings, the coach must carefully select the starting lineup, taking into account each player's unique skills, RBIs, and batting average.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of your accounting processes and have explored the various ERP solutions available in the market, it's time to select the perfect fit for your business. Consider factors such as company size, the opportunity to streamline complex manual processes, the ability to generate real-time decision-making reports, and the features that cater to the specific needs of your construction business.

3. The First Pitch

As the game is on the verge of beginning, the opposing team takes their positions in the outfield, and the pitcher prepares to throw the first pitch. This initial pitch not only kickstarts the game but also sets the tone for the entire game, igniting your team with a strong start and paving the way for a series of powerful hits.

Launching your new accounting solution is similar to throwing the first pitch of a game - it marks the beginning of a new chapter, setting the tone for the entire project. It's crucial to have your team fully prepared and ensure that all necessary documentation and accounting workflows are in place.

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4. Playing Defense

As the first half of the inning comes to a close, it's now the coach's turn to strategically position his outfielders for defense. This involves anticipating the opponent's moves, whether they're aiming to steal bases or opting for a bunt to keep everyone on their toes.


As your organization progresses with the implementation of your solution, including data migration and getting acquainted with the user experience, it is crucial to proactively anticipate any potential issues and have a plan in place to swiftly address them. Our team ensures seamless operations by creating a tailored schedule that accommodates your team's PTO and aligns with your business's peak working hours, as discussed during our kickoff meeting.

5. Hitting and Base Running

Now the game is in the second inning and the home team is up to bat. With the pre-game preparation and strategy the coach made, the players work to make it happen. Through strategic hits, base running, and steals, the team can rack up their points which is critical in winning the game.

Now that your new accounting solution is in place, daily use and continuous optimization are necessary to ensure the solution is performing well, providing accurate financial data, improving efficiency, and overall growing your company's profits.

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6. The Seventh-Inning Stretch

The seventh-inning stretch is always the most important. This is the time for a short break and that award winning motivation speech that propels the players into continually giving 110% effort for the remainder of the game.


After using your accounting solution for awhile, this is the time where your organization should take the time to review your workflows and processes and see if everything is working properly. It's important to gather feedback from the team members working with the solution and make any necessary adjustments or improvements.

7. Closing Out the Game

It's the top of the ninth and the coach is bringing in his closer to secure the win.

Your organization's "closer" is your team working with your implementation partner to finalize the transition by ensuring all financial data is accurately transferred, all processes running smoothly, and any remaining issues are resolved.

8. Post-Game Analysis

The game is over and the home team won! After all the celebrations, the coach sits the players down to review everyone's performance and learn which plays worked well and which didn't.

Your new ERP solution has been implemented and everything is working perfectly! During this time your team should work with your designated CSM (Customer Success Manager) assigned to you by your implementation partner to make continuous improvements in your solution and to see where else your company could use automation to streamline your processes in the future.

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It's good to remember that both baseball and going through a technology change like a construction accounting system require trust and teamwork between the coach/implementation partner and the players/you to reach our end goal—A SUCCESSFUL WIN!

Ben Hofferman

Written by Ben Hofferman

Ben Hofferman is the Chief Construction Officer at RKL eSolutions LLC. As the previous founder and CEO of CPA Technology of 25+ years, Ben is focused on expanding the growth opportunities for future and current customers. He currently serves on the General Building Contractors Association's (GBCA) Technology Committee.