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SageCRM.com is Retiring at the End of August

Last year, Sage announced the planned retirement of SageCRM.com ‐ a hosted version of the Sage CRM product. With product retirement just around the corner, we’ll take a look at what it might mean for SageCRM.com customers.

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Sage CRM: 4 Ways to Find Information

  What good is capturing and organizing all that data in Sage CRM if you can’t find the right information when you need it?  Let’s take a look at 4 easy ways to find the right data, quickly and easily, in Sage CRM.

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Introducing Sage CRM 2019 (Release 1)

Sage CRM 2019.1 is now available. Following a 3-year roadmap that sets the development path through 2021, this release focuses primarily on incremental improvements and enhancements of existing features. Here’s a closer look.

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Using Sage CRM with Your Phone System

Did you know that Sage CRM can work hand-in-hand with your phone system? It’s called Sage CRM CTI - short for Computer Telephony Integration - which extends core CRM functionality so that sales, customer service, and support reps are even more .

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SageCRM.com is Retiring

  In a recent communication from Sage, the company stated that they reviewed their CRM portfolio and have decided to retire the SageCRM.com hosted/cloud product as of August 31, 2019. While technical support will continue to be available through .

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3 Challenges You’ll Need to Overcome to Use Spreadsheets for Revenue Recognition Criteria Compliance

Usage-based billing, dual reporting, and forecasting under the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue recognition criteria are going to be highly complex to manage you’re your spreadsheets. If you have contract or subscription revenue, here are 3 .

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Deader than disco: Why spreadsheets can't handle today's budgets

Disco was one of the weirdest (or grooviest, depending on your perspective) periods in popular music history. The genre pioneered the idea of "four on the floor," i.e. a simple 4/4 time signature that went on to be used in virtually every genre of .

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