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New in Tech: How does Bitcoin Work?

How does bitcoin work?  There are public keys and private keys; the public key is given to anyone to add bitcoin while the private key is used to withdraw bitcoin protected by elliptic curve cryptography and governed by mathematics.

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New in Tech: What is Bitcoin?

Almost 25 years ago I did a presentation for the Harrisburg PA Area NetWare User Group on two technologies that I thought were going to become important, the subject was titled "OS/2 on the Internet". A large group turned out, they may have been .

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Understanding Supply Chain Dimensionality

In order to understand better how to manage your supply chain effectively, and how to maximize ROI on your investment in inventory in your supply chain, you really need to grasp some additional dimensions that help define how your inventory gets .

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Inventory Management Best Practices Part 4: Team Management

In our continuing series about inventory management and control best practices, let’s go on to see some additional practices that are important, or even crucial, to successful supply chain efforts. 

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Inventory Management Best Practices Part 2: Organization

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about controlling inventory, before being able to competently manage inventory. Now, let’s talk about some other best practices.

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3 Technologies That Will Transform Your Job

We may think of the future as a far-distant time from now—10, maybe even 20 years down the road. Not so. Fast-evolving technology is quickly blurring the line between the present and the future. What was recently science fiction is quickly becoming .

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