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Formulation Solution for the Lab

Are you a process manufacturer with R&D and Quality Control specifications? If so, you undoubtedly have Chemists developing and managing formulations plus Technologists & Regulatory Agents capturing quality data for compliance. Across many .

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New Safety Data Sheets Standards You Need to Know Now

New standards become effective Dec 1st! If you’re a chemical distributor or manufacturer and you haven’t converted your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) by now, you’re running out of time. In 2012, OSHA announced changes to its Hazard .

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Can GHS Benefit Businesses and Consumers?

The initial implementation of GHS (Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labels for Chemicals) will be costly and disruptive for chemical distributors and manufacturers alike. However, the long-term goals of GHS are undeniable. Remember, .

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