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Outgrowing ERP IT infrastructure

It was the twenty-first century; iPods were taking the world by storm and the journey of Friends was coming to an end.  Sage 500 had been the standout ERP solution for manufacturing companies since the late 90’s. It was developed on Visual Basic 6 .

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WEBINAR - Hyperscale or Enterprise – Which Cloud is Best for your Business?


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Cloud Solutions Offer Cyber Protection and Other Benefits

Benefits of Private Cloud for Business Does your company have a plan when business critical data is inaccessible due to a server outage, weather related disaster, or cyber-attack? According to a 2016 study done by the Ponemon Institute an unplanned .

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Legacy accounting systems got you down? Take them to the cloud

When do you know that it is time to move on from your old accounting system? Popular applications such as QuickBooks, as well as any processes that revolve around the heavy use of Excel sheets, are sometimes labeled as "legacy" solutions for being .

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Industry 4.0; the Age of IoT and Cloud

            The first Industrial Revolution involved mechanization, employing water and steam power. The second Industrial Revolution moved industry further from artisans and craftsmen, and introduced the huge efficiencies of mass production and the .

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