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Moving Sage 100 to the Cloud

Let Us Help You Migrate to the Cloud

Recently Sage began promoting an initiative called Sage Partner Cloud, intending to help Sage 100 users migrate from their on-premises Sage 100 solution to Sage 100c in the cloud. At RKL eSolutions, we have been helping our clients move to the cloud since 2016.  Through years of migration and implementation experience, we've become well versed in the requirements and best practices of a hosted cloud solution; ultimately we've implemented our own preferred solution, RKL Hosted Cloud. 

What is RKL hosted Cloud?

Our turnkey cloud infrastructure, RKL Hosted Cloud, helps companies transform their IT operations through award-winning cloud solutions and managed services including disaster recovery, security, compliance, and more.

Top Benefits of Sage 100 in the Cloud

A few of the top benefits that customers experience when moving their ERP to the cloud include:

  • Security - top-tier cloud hosting providers invest heavily in data and systems security at a level that's cost-prohibitive for many small and mid-sized businesses. In short, your data is likely more secure (from things like cyberattacks) in a hosting environment than on your own servers.
  • Uptime- top cloud providers boast 99.99% uptime. You also benefit from redundancy measures, such as automatic backups, so in the rare event that a server does go down, you're up and running again faster than most companies can resolve a similar "server down" situation in-house.
  • Open and Flexible - Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud-computing platform that allows you to easily dial-up and adjust technology resources to scale with your business without having to buy, install and configure new equipment as you grow. What's more, the open architecture "plays well" with 3rd party applications which is important for Sage 100 customers using some of the most popular integrated add-ons for payroll, E-Invoicing, sales tax automation, and others.
  • Cost Savings - Investing in hardware, servers and IT staff can be very expensive and, in the long run, unpredictable. The upfront and ongoing costs to purchase, setup, and maintain your own data servers and hire the staff to support it (or pay outsourced IT) can add up quickly.

If Sage 100's core functionalities are an ideal fit for your company but you're looking for the added benefits of security, reliability, flexibility and cost savings, RKL eSolutions can bring cloud functionality to the same Sage 100 that you know and love.

Contact us to learn more about Sage 100 cloud migration options or the implementation process.

Shannon Sadowsky

Written by Shannon Sadowsky

Shannon is the Sage 100 Practice Director at RKL eSolutions and has 16 years of consulting and implementation experience. She works at every stage of implementation, understanding a business’s challenges, ensuring a clients’ requirements are met and they are happy with RKL services. When not working, Shannon enjoys Disney days with her kids, spending time with family and friends, and spends way too much time at the baseball fields for her kids.