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Enhanced Audit Tracking for Security and Compliance in Sage 100 2024

With Sage's recent announcement of the release of Sage 100 2024, users now have audit tracking for customer, vendor, employee, and inventory items. Previously, users were only able to view or print tracked data within an entity once all users were logged out of said entity, which normally had to be completed after hours. This idea turned into a new feature, which came from feedback Sage received from the 90Minds Consulting Group and the Sage 100 Idea Site.

Compliance is a big buzzword today in our work and personal tasks. The new feature improves security compliance in the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management and Payroll modules.

Setting Up Audit Tracking in Sage 100

Before jumping right in, you'll need to check each module's setup to make sure the "Vendor Changes to Track"  is set to "All." Follow the steps below to double-check your setup settings:

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Accounts Payable Options > History
  2. Under the Vendor Audit section, "Vendor Changes to Track" should be set to "All," and the box next to "Track Additions in Detail" should be checked
  3. Click "Accept"

Accounts Payable Vendor Tracking (1-1)

*New companies created in Sage 100 v2024 or higher will automatically have the audit tracking features set to "All" and the box checked.

choosing audit report information

The new feature comes with changes to the Audit Reports, giving you the option to choose what information is printed on the report. Some of the new information being tracked includes entities like vendor contacts, purchase addresses, vendor alias items, remit to address, vendor price levels, 1099 payment history, electronic payment information and changes involving paperless office delivery options.

purging audit report data

A purge button has been added to the audit report for each module, providing access to the new Purge Audit Utility. You can also access those new utilities from the module Utilities Menu. In Role Maintenance, you can allow users to print or preview the report yet not give them permission to purge data.

printing audit reports

You can now print audit reports anytime and are no longer restricted by others using the main entity. Users still need role maintenance permission to print the report, and you can separate the purge option since there are two different roles in each module. One will print the report, and the other will process the purge utility.

Vendor Audit Report Tracking (2-1)

new audit viewer view

A new Audit Viewer task has been added to the "More" drop-down button in Customer Maintenance, Vendor Maintenance, Employee Maintenance and Item Maintenance, affecting the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Management and Payroll Modules.

Vendor Maintenance Tracking (3-1)

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