Franchise Management Software A comprehensive finance solution for multiple entities

Franchise companies across the spectrum – fitness, hospitality, service stations, restaurants, and more– are constantly seeking ways to more accurately and efficiently manage their finances, track production costs, properly recognize revenue, consolidate results, report/analyze data, calculate and pay participations, budget and forecast accurately, and integrate with industry-specific systems. And, and have it all done yesterday, of course!

Since inception, we’ve partnered with franchise companies of all types to automate core financial processes, reduce reliance upon spreadsheets, integrate with industry solutions, and provide decision makers with real-time information, when and how they need it. This rich history enables RKL eSolutions to offer proven solutions for franchise companies, targeted expertise, and industry best practices shared by industry finance executives.

Industry Challenges Solved

Do any of the following media and franchise industry challenges sound familiar? If so, we can help! 

Are you managing multiple companies/entities manually?

Our Technology Solution:

  • Manage unlimited entities
  • Share vendor, customer, project and item lists across entities
  • Centralize payable and receivables
  • Automate inter-company transactions
  • Automatically consolidate reports and dashboards
  • Add multi-currency and global consolidations when necessary

Your Benefits:

  • Instant roll-up reporting (single currency)
  • Consolidate operational reports by customer, vendor, project, and more
  • Accelerate monthly closes
  • Push-button consolidations (multiple currencies)

Do you lack the reports and insight needed to run the business effectively?

Our Technology Solution:

  • Create user-defined dashboards and reports
  • Report on an unlimited number of data dimensions (e.g., project, title, season, episode, channel, network, producer, etc.)
  • Include statistical (i.e. non-financial) data to calculate KPIs
  • Create accrual and cash-based reports quickly and easily

Your Benefits:

  • Make timely, data-driven decisions (finally!)
  • Stop relying on manual Excel
  • Create reports and dashboards without IT assistance
  • Provide self-service for execs and other stakeholders

Are your systems and workflow processes disconnected and disjointed?

Our Technology Solution:

  • Leverage integration with industry-specific applications (rights management, payroll, etc.)
  • Automate project accounting
  • Streamline revenue management (i.e., bookings, billings, renewals)
  • Create workflows and approval paths for automated accounts payable

Your Benefits:

  • Best-in-class finance + rights management, entertainment payroll, etc
  • Boost project success with a single-source for project reports, dashboards, and delivery details
  • Gain insight into future revenues, projected renewals, deferred revenue, and more
  • Adapt your changing business needs on the fly

Is your budgeting and forecasting process slow and painful?

Our Technology Solution:

  • Implement continuous planning and rolling forecasts
  • Include revenue, personnel, expense, capital, balance sheet and cash flow planning
  • Leverage key assumptions, driver-based planning, and “what-if” analysis

Your Benefits:

  • Reduce cycle times by up to 90%
  • Enjoy a comprehensive and flexible planning process delivered with speed and accuracy

Does your old or aging technology keep your business from growing?

Our Technology Solution:

  • Access via the web from any device
  • Use the latest version and newest features … always
  • Set your IT resources free: backups, data security, disaster recovery are all included with subscription

Your Benefits:

  • Rapid and enthusiastic user adoption
  • Scale entities and locations rapidly
  • Finance can truly “own” the solution
  • Integration guaranteed not to break

Let RKL eSolutions help you overcome your current challenges and build a solution that transforms your finance department and accelerates your growth and success. We invite you to explore client references and then contact us for an initial discussion.


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