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For many accounting departments, month-end close is a manual, confusing, and inefficient process, leaving room for errors and causing stress levels to rise. Built by accountants for accountants, these best-in-class accounting workflow automation solutions centralizes organize, and ensure completeness of your month-end close. Closing the books with our preferred solutions will connect your team, Sage Intacct or your current ERP, and your supporting documents in Excel.


With a Accounting Workflow Automation Solution, you can


Upgrade your Close Checklist

Transform your Excel close checklist into a cloud-based collaboration tool for the entire team.


Organize Audit Support

Stay organized every close by building on top of your existing folder structure.


Automate Trial Balance Tie-Outs

Use the innovative technology that works with Sage Intacct to dynamically link your general ledger to your Excel workbooks.

FloQast - Exec Guide thumbnailThe close process is a stressful time for the accountants that have to do the work every month. Use the tips in this guide and learn how to optimize existing processes to meet evolving expectations, collaborate efficiently regardless of your teams location, and how to provide more value to your organization without reallocating resources.


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FloQast - Always Be Closing Ad Suite_Header Image_1131x1280To help lessen the stress of closing, it's good to be in the mindset of Always BClosing. This report in partnership with Ventana Research, "Always Be Closing: How Continuous Accounting Results in a Faster Close" is helpful in considering whether to implement continuous accounting into your everyday operations.


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FloQast - Best Practices for the Month-End Close on Sage Intacct-1-1The Sage Intacct integration allows you to securely access your general ledger information on demand with one click inside FloQast. Real-time alerts will notify you if reconciled workbooks no longer tie to Sage Intacct so you can ensure they are audit-ready.

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Our Preferred Solutions:

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#FloQast Products:

FloQast Close

FloQast automates common accounting workflows, helping to streamline and make teams more efficient. FloQast’s suite of easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy solutions enhance the way accounting teams already work.

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FloQast Analyze

Are you on track to close the books on time or not? FloQast Analyze provides Controllers invaluable insight to optimize workload allocation and maximize an accounting team’s most precious asset — time.

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FloQast Flux

FloQast Flux offers a significantly better way to perform monthly flux analysis. With Flux, accounting teams don’t have to wait until the close is complete, but can work on their flux analysis at any time, including adding explanatory text.

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FloQast AutoRec

FloQast AutoRec calculates your monthly amortization and the remaining- balance, providing a fully standardized account reconciliation for prepaid expense and similar accounts.

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FloQast ReMind

With FloQast ReMind, accountants save hours during the close by reducing manual email-driven tasks, streamlining the collection of needed data, and making any status follow-ups and confirmations transparent and straightforward.

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FloQast Ops

FloQast Ops extends the power of FloQast Close with an intuitive, easy-to-use product. With FloQast Ops, accounting teams are up and running and realizing benefits in just days with personalized workflows.

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