Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERP (formerly “MAS 500”) is an integrated suite of business modules designed to maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity across every aspect of your enterprise. Architected in VB6 and optimized for MS SQL and MS OS, Sage 500 was released to the market in 1998.

Looking for a Sage 500 Partner?

Today, several companies still rely on Sage 500 to manage its finances, fulfill sales orders, and track production. Sage 500 delivers an easy-to-use experience and stable environment for customers to transact in. While we no longer recommend license subscriptions of Sage 500 to new customers because of the product lifecycle, RKL is a premier partner for support, helping several hundreds of customers leverage the solution.


RKL eSolutions has a staff of certified functional and technical consultants along with developers and dedicated support staff to assist companies using Sage 500. Whether you need help with routine maintenance, an integrated add-on solution, or just help desk support, our team is ready to engage. 

Outgrown Sage 500?

Maybe you’ve outgrown Sage 500 or have begun to research replacement options including those from Sage? As a Sage exclusive certified Partner, RKL has the tools to help identify fit and gaps, migrate data, and successfully implement your next Sage solution. Our industry expertise combined with the right Sage solution, increases your chances for a smooth transition.

Got Questions or Need Sage 500 Support?