Sage 500 vs Intacct Migration Center

Is your business struggling with limitations of Sage 500? You may be wondering how long Sage will continue to support your ERP solution and whether it's time to consider migrating to a more modern Sage Product. 


As one of the biggest Sage 500 support providers in North America, we have a lot of customers that have been asking us the same questions. This Sage Intacct Migration Center will help you find answers these questions and provide the resources you need to decide whether making the move from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct is right for your business.

Note: Sage Intacct may not be the best fit for everyone. Organizations with global supply chain or process manufacturing requirements should consider migrating to a solution like Sage X3 to meet their unique needs.


Sage 500 to Sage Intacct Migration Resources

Calculating the Cost of Sage Intacct

Basically, the cost of Sage Intacct is determined by 5 key factors: modules, users, entities, implementation and soft costs. A little more information about each of these cost factors is outlined in our Sage Intacct Pricing Guide.

Sage Intacct Sample Pricing

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What does Sage Intacct have that you don't?

Get the Sage 500 vs. Sage Intacct Comparison Guide

Intacct v 500

By providing a concise side-by-side comparison, this grid-style guide allows you to quickly and easily determine if Sage Intacct has the features and capabilities your business requires to stay ahead in today's fast-paced market. Don't waste any more time wondering if you're missing out on essential functionality - get the answers you need to make informed decisions with the Sage 500 vs. Sage Intacct Comparison Guide.

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The Data Migration Process 

RKL eSolutions has developed and delivered standard tools for seamless migration of Masterfile data such as Natural Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Items, and Open Transactions. However, to ensure data accuracy and maintain data integrity in Sage Intacct, we strongly recommend a thorough review and cleansing of data coming from Sage 500. Let us help you make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

technical-supportRKL’s Data Migration Tools for Converting from Sage Products

RKL help you with a defined process, user-friendly data templates, and loads of experience to make a difficult task a bit easier.


Why Should I Consider Migration?

If you're currently using Sage 500, you may be wondering why you should consider migrating to Sage Intacct. The answer is simple – Sage Intacct provides a more comprehensive and flexible accounting solution that can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line.

With Sage Intacct, you'll enjoy robust features such as automated invoicing, real-time reporting, and enhanced visibility into your financial data. Additionally, the cloud-based platform allows for seamless collaboration among team members and provides easy access to data from anywhere, at any time.

By migrating from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct, you can take advantage of all these benefits and more. Don't get left behind – make the switch today and see how Sage Intacct can transform your business.


Sage 500 to Sage Intacct Migration FAQs




Growing companies are increasingly choosing cloud ERP solutions. As workforces across industries have adapted to at-home roles during the pandemic, remote access and centralized Cloud deployment has proven immediate benefits for IT staffs and users alike.

As a result, Sage has been putting more resources into developing advanced cloud-based business management solutions.






IT managers are instinctively cautious and may believe that giving control of servers and critical applications to a cloud provider is risky.

Commonly voiced concerns about the cloud include: 

  • Inhibited Security
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Outage Risk
  • Meeting Compliance Needs

Read the paper linked below to learn how Sage Intacct has addressed these and other common cloud-concerns. 

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Can I expect new enhancements to Sage 500?


Can I expect new enhancements to Sage 500?

For Sage 500, enhancements to future releases will be limited to minor feature improvements, bug fixes, compatibility with the latest Microsoft desktop and SQL server software, and integrations with selected partner products.

There are no plans for updating the user interface, upgrading from Visual Basic 6, or transitioning to the cloud.

Migration is a big effort—what is the ROI?


Migration is a big effort—what is the ROI?

Our clients have experienced significant ROI in three areas:

  1. Improved reporting and visibility
  2. Time savings as a result of automated business processes
  3. Streamlined integration, guaranteed not to break with platform updates

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Only you can make the best decision for your company's unique needs; however, if one of more of the following is true of your organization, you should start investigating your options:

  • You anticipate rapid growth in the next 12-18 months
  • You support multiple entities or locations
  • You rely on spreadsheets for reporting and analytics
  • You use multiple disconnected software solutions



Are there incentives to recoup some of my recent Sage 500 investment?

Price cost

Are there incentives to recoup some of my recent Sage 500 investment?

Yes! Sage and RKL eSolutions want to make sure you have the best solution and technology platform to operate your business effectively and profitably. There are automatic discounts and ‘In the Family’ incentives that reward your existing relationship with Sage and RKL.

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Benefits of Staying in the Sage Family

When you invest in a Sage ERP solution, you invest in the Sage family. So if your needs change, your company grows, or the underlying technology of the ERP product you are currently running becomes dated, Sage makes it easy to upgrade to a new ERP solution.

Not only do you retain some of the training and familiarity with the Sage screens and interface, you also retain familiarity with the process of technical support, product updates, and software upgrades.

At RKL eSolutions, we’ve spent years developing and perfecting a unique and proprietary approach to Sage migration that ensures a smooth transition from your older technology to a new and modern ERP system. As a Sage Intacct Premier Partner, we’re uniquely qualified to help you with a migration from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct if you decide that it’s the right move for your business.