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  • Are you currently running Sage 500?
  • Are you wondering how much longer Sage will support the product?
  • Have you considered a migration to Sage Intacct?
  • Are you wondering what distinguishes the Sage products from one another?

As one of the biggest Sage 500 support providers in North America, we have a lot of customers that have been asking us the same questions. That’s why we built this Sage Intacct Migration Center – to answer these questions and provide the resources you need to decide whether making the move from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct is right for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about migrating from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct. Click any of the questions below to reveal the answer:

Growing companies are increasingly choosing cloud ERP solutions. While not right for every company and every situation, cloud solutions are now quite mature and offer comparable or superior features to on-premises solutions. In addition, cloud solutions offer an enhanced user experience, intuitive reporting and analytics, streamlined integration, and access from anywhere on any device with just an Internet connection.


Sage has invested heavily in cloud solutions as part of the “Sage Business Cloud” initiative. Their acquisition of Intacct in August 2017 was a central part of their strategy for growing small- and mid-sized businesses. It also includes ERP applications and solutions for people, payroll, payments and banking.


At the same time, Sage has a large and loyal customer base utilizing on-premises applications such as Sage 500. They have committed to maintaining a “Customer for Life” strategy. Fundamentally, this means that the customer is in control and has the freedom to choose. In other words, Sage will continue to support existing applications and no Sage customer will be forced to migrate to another product unless they are ready and choose to do so.


For Sage 500, enhancements to future releases will be limited to minor feature improvements, bug fixes, compatibility with the latest Microsoft desktop and SQL server software, and integrations with selected partner products.

There are no plans for updating the user interface, upgrading from Visual Basic 6, or transitioning to the cloud.

Sage Intacct has many of the same modules as Sage 500 and offers additional capabilities including:

Yes. This doesn’t mean that you have to migrate immediately. But it’s always strategic to understand your options, especially if one of more of the following is true of your organization:

  • Rapid growth: happening now or anticipated in the next 12 – 18 months
  • Multi-Entity / Location: managing a complex organizational structure requiring consolidations, eliminations, inter-entity transactions, allocations, etc.
  • Industry: Software, Business & Professional Services, Not-for-Profit, Financial Services, Healthcare, Entertainment, Hospitality
  • Challenges: over-reliance upon Excel spreadsheets for reporting / analytics, too much paper and email, employees spend too much time not adding value, and you’re confident that “there has got to be a better way” Integration: using one or more cloud solutions for lines of business that need to integrate to core finance

Our clients have consistently seen significant benefits in three areas:

  1. Improved reporting and visibility – real-time reporting and dashboards
  2. Automated business processes – quote-to-cash, purchase to payment, consolidations, etc.
  3. Streamlined integration – with other best-in-class applications (CRM, AP automation, expense management, budgeting / forecasting, and more)

Yes, switching solutions takes work. There are hard and soft costs to consider. It doesn’t make any sense to convert from one application to another “just because.” A clear and compelling business case is essential.

As the largest consulting organization dedicated to Sage ERP solutions, RKL is uniquely positioned to provide objective counsel on the optimal choice. We’re happy to help you document ways in which you could increase revenue, decrease costs, and accelerate decision-making to be more competitive. Together, we can consider what the best decision is for your organization.

Yes: organizations with global supply chain or process manufacturing requirements, especially food and beverage, chemicals, etc., should consider a solution like Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) to meet their unique needs.

information-150x1505 Reasons Companies Migrate From Sage 500 to Sage Intacct

This in-depth article examines five of the most common reasons that organizations begin to consider a migration from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct.

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Benefits of Staying in the Sage Family

When you invest in a Sage ERP solution, you invest in the Sage family. So if your needs change, your company grows, or the underlying technology of the ERP product you are currently running becomes dated, Sage makes it easy to upgrade to a new ERP solution.

Not only do you retain some of the training and familiarity with the Sage screens and interface, you also retain familiarity with the process of technical support, product updates, and software upgrades.

At RKL eSolutions, we’ve spent years developing and perfecting a unique and proprietary approach to Sage migration that ensures a smooth transition from your older technology to a new and modern ERP system. As a Sage Intacct Premier Partner, we’re uniquely qualified to help you with a migration from Sage 500 to Sage Intacct if you decide that it’s the right move for your business.

What to expect when migrating your ERP data


While the scope of every migration project is different, the preparation for migrating data follows the basic process outlined in this post.


RKL’s Data Migration Tools for Converting from Sage Products


RKL help you with a defined process, user-friendly data templates, and loads of experience to make a difficult task a bit easier.


DIrection-signSage 500 vs. Sage Intacct

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