Professional Services Automation For Project-Oriented Companies

The most successful project-driven companies are efficient, effective, and have full control over people, projects, and profits. But if you rely on manual time collection, paper-based expense reports, and a patchwork of disconnected project spreadsheets, you’re probably struggling to keep your head above the sea of non-billable hours and administrative expense.

In the same way we help distributors automate manual processes in the warehouse, the project management pros at RKL eSolutions will help you leverage the right tools and technology to achieve Professional Services Automation.

We use Sage Intacct's integrated professional services automation software to help you:

  • Manage budgets, prevent cost overruns, and make adjustments on the fly with reports that provide up-to-the-minute actual vs. estimated costs
  • Speed up invoicing and improve billing cycles with web-based time and expense collection
  • Easily transfer time and resource plans from Microsoft Projects® into Project Accounting – no manual data entry, no errors
  • Maximize profit with the flexibility to choose fixed fee, time and materials, or both
  • Improve employee utilization and minimize administrative tasks
It’s Time to Get Paid for the Work You Do!

Contact us and learn how RKL eSolutions can turn all the spreadsheets, paper, and non-billable hours into operational efficiency and competitive advantage.