Content Production Financial Solution Put Growth in the Leading Role

Production companies have never been busier, creating content across all platforms, from film to TV to videos to new media and VR. Tracking production costs, calculating royalties, budgeting, and other financial tasks are difficult to manage, leaving little time to focus on growing the business.

That’s why leading entertainment companies rely on RKL eSolutions to develop best-in-class solutions that automate your day-to-day financial processes, reduce your reliance on spreadsheets, and provide decision makers with real-time data—when and how they need it. Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Integrate with industry-specific applications for a best-in-class finance, rights management, and entertainment payroll solution
  • Add and manage unlimited entities with ease
  • Streamline revenue management
  • Boost project success with automated project accounting
  • Get support for multi-currency and global consolidations
  • Report on an unlimited number of data dimensions (e.g., project, title, season, episode, channel, network, producer, etc.)
  • Make timely, data-driven decisions with user-defined reports and dashboards
  • Consolidate operational reports by customer, vendor, project, talent, and more
  • Natively integrate with best-in-class continuous planning and rolling forecasts to reduce cycle times by 90%
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Integrations that are guaranteed not to break
  • Get instant access via the web from any device
  • Always use the latest version and newest features

Let the experts at RKL eSolutions help you overcome your current challenges and build an “A-list” solution—one that transforms your finance department and accelerates your growth and success.

5 Brilliant Ways Media and Entertainment Companies are Building Competitive Advantage

media-ebook-thumbKeeping up in the entertainment industry is hard enough. When you don’t have dependable information on the true cost of a project or your actual cash position, it’s mission impossible.

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