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In V12 there is a new way of managing serial numbers in received or issued transactions. The benefits are:

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How to Setup a Default Site for Users in Sage EM

To ease the data entry process and reduce risk of entry errors default sites can be setup for users. This can be accomplished using the steps below.

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Aligning Lot Numbers with Work Order Numbers

Some companies would like to create their Finished Good products with a Lot Number that is the same as the Work Order Number that created the product. This can making tracing the Lot easier. If you would like to know how to do that, please see .

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Blocking Back-to-Back Orders

Have you ever wanted to be able to enter an Order but not have the Back-to-Back Order generate? One reason for this may be that there is an issue with the Customer or Supplier and you don’t want to take the chance on having merchandise delivered and .

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