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Creating Multiple Back-to-Back Orders at a Time in Sage X3


With the Back-to-Back Orders function, you can seamlessly generate drop ship or back-to-back purchase orders directly from the corresponding sales orders. The FUNPOHW feature streamlines the procurement process by ensuring that the necessary products are sourced and delivered promptly to fulfill customer demands.

You can use this function to optimize your purchasing workflow and enhance overall operational efficiency by meeting the four requirements listed below.

  • The Product Category must be marked for Purchasing and Sales.
  • The Product must be set up for drop shipments in the Sales section.
  • The Supplier must be set up as a back-to-back supplier.
  • A Purchase Price and Product Supplier record must exist.

Using the Back-to-Back Orders Function (FUNPOHW)

In the four steps below, we'll guide you through using the back-to-back orders function (FUNPOHW) to create a log of specific purchase orders based on your chosen criteria.

  1. First, navigate to All > Purchasing > Orders > Back-to-back orders.
  2. Once there, you can use the selection criteria to determine which sales orders will be processed. You can select your sales orders by Order Number, Order Site, Customer,  and Start and End Date.
    Navigating to Back-to-Back Orders (1)-1
    • You can also use the "Advanced Selection" option under "Order No." to add additional filters to the Sales Order type.
      Choosing Advanced Selection in the To Order No. Field (2)
  3. Once your selections have been made, click "OK."
  4. Now, a detailed log showcasing your selected purchase orders based on your specified criteria has been created. You can choose whether to have the POs in ascending or descending order.
Advanced Object Selection (3)

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