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How to Print Your Chart of Accounts in Sage X3

While it's not something that happens often, sometimes, a stakeholder might ask to see your entire chart of accounts (CoA). This might be because they need if for reporting purposes or they might need to verify an account number with its description and not the actual accompanying balances. Or they might need it for a completely different reason. Either way, there are two options for listing out your entire chart of accounts.

Printing Your Chart of Accounts as a PDF

If you only need to see the chart of accounts and not the balances, then you should print a .pdf report using the PLAN report.

  1. In your navigation menu go to Reports > Reports > Reports
    Navigate to Reports (1)
  2. Choose the standard report PLAN.
  3. Choose the Chart you wish to print, or leave blank to print them all in the case that you have multiples. Once you've set your parameters, click the Print button.
    Choose Parameter Types (2)*In this example, I've chosen these parameters: account range, pyramid, number of levels (5), sort order (Number), site, print selections (No)*
Now you have a chart of account with the description and not any of the accompanying balances.

Print the Chart (3)

Printing Your Chart of Accounts with Excel

If you prefer to get your char of accounts in an excel format and/or want to see the data in a different order or add/remove columns, you can also write a query.  Note that your security settings must allow you to do this, and that not all users have access to the Query tool.

  1. Go to Setup > Usage > Reports > Query tool
    Navigating to Setup - Query Tools to print CoA in excel format (4)
  2. Create a new query (beginning with the letter Z) for your Chart of Accounts. The table will be GACCOUNT.  The fields available to you will be presented in the Field Search. In this example, I've entered the following:
    • Code - ZCOA
    • Description - Chart of Accounts
    • Active - "Checked"
    • Representation - Character

    Create new query for CoA (5-1)New CoA Query will be coded as GACCOUNT (6)
  3. When you have the fields you want, click the Create icon and then Validate the new query.  Once validated, you can run your new query by clicking the Run button and then Search to run the results in the next screen.

Validate and Run your new CoA query (7)

Search for specific results in new CoA query (8)

Once you have your chart of accounts customized with the layout of your choice, you can export the data into Excel using the Export button located in the menu on the right side.

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