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Small and medium-sized companies are thriving in competitive markets without spending more on IT staff and technology support. How? By investing in SaaS-based enterprise software like Sage X3 Cloud that help them grow while running a lean, agile business.

What is Sage X3 Cloud?

Sage X3 Cloud is SaaS-based software that manages all aspects of your business including accounting, financial reporting, distribution, manufacturing, and service operations in one powerful and integrated suite.

As a cloud solution, the new Sage X3 Cloud is aimed at businesses that value ease of deployment, lower up-front costs (servers, hardware, etc), and reduced need for in‐house IT support and maintenance. And because it runs in the cloud, you get anywhere and anytime access to Sage X3 from any internet browser using your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

What About Security? Not all clouds are created equal. Sage X3 builds on the world-leading Amazon Web Service cloud infrastructure to deliver the most dependable and secure cloud platform available.

Why Do Companies Choose the Cloud?



Sage X3Cloud's cloud-based ready-to-use infrastructure allows companies a faster deployment of their data and delivery of the latest features in any new updates.



As a simpler software management tool, Sage X3 Cloud users are always on the latest version with access to the latest functionalities.



With the ability to leverage Sage X3's cloud-hosted infrastructure, companies are able to customize their system and reduce their dependency on their in-house IT team.

Sage X3 Cloud Pricing

Looking for Sage X3 Pricing Information? Sage X3's cost depends on a number of business and service requirements.

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