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Sage X3 System Requirements Are you looking to implement Sage X3 or upgrade to a new version?

There are a few things that you should know about the Sage X3 system requirements, as well as the underlying architecture and technology, needed to get the ERP software up and running properly. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Sage X3 Architecture and Technology

The Sage X3 architecture is organized in layers so that data management, process execution, and information display are handled independently. This multi-tier architecture ensures highly reliable system operations in all circumstances.

At the heart of the Sage X3 design is an open architecture that provides your company with a free choice of operating systems, databases, network environment, and deployment options.

Sage X3 runs equally well on Microsoft Windows®, Unix, or Linux Red Hat, with either Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases. It can be deployed as a web application, a desktop application, or both (dual mode).

Sage X3 Hardware Requirements

On-Premises or Cloud Installation

Since Sage X3 can be run in the cloud OR as a “traditional” on-premises installation, it’s important to note that the system requirements for each will be very different.

Simply leave your name below and we’ll send you a comprehensive packet with all the application, database, and server requirements for a Sage X3 on-premises implementation on Microsoft Windows®, Unix, or Linux Red Hat.

Or contact us to learn about Sage X3 Online – the cloud version of Sage X3 that takes the complexity out of hardware installation, database maintenance, and IT support.

Sage X3 Cloud

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