Equipment and Instrumentation Controls Measuring Success with Precision and Quality

The equipment and instrumentation controls industry is as diverse as its products. From gauges and testing apparatus to lab equipment and medical devices, managing the unique item specifications and manufacturing operations requires a business management solution to handle the complexities.

Technology and Software is Critical

New technology and customer demand directly influence the pace and scale of R&D innovation for manufacturers of equipment, testing and product controls. You need a solution to manage supplier price fluctuations, item revisions driven from new customer requirements, shorter product lifecycles, and obsolete inventory.  Not to mention, government compliance tracking and reporting that adds even more complexity and cost to your operations.

A business solution that leverages technology can help.  Whether it’s driving operational efficiencies through mobile applications to reduce costs, managing compliance and quality at the point-of-entry, or reducing your IT spend by eliminating customizations and add-ons, our solutions focus on solving business information system challenges to free up your capital for innovations.

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Make it easy for employees to be more productive and proactive

To build profitability, you need a business management system that makes the most of your employees time with:

  • Accurate inventory information and more precise forecasting
  • Efficient production processes that eliminate workarounds
  • Automated manual tasks like lot tracking and regulatory reporting

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It’s important to select a product and partner with experience managing the diverse and complex requirements of instrumentation manufacturers. At RKL eSolutions, we combine years of industry expertise with the right technology to help you:

  • Plan for the volatility of raw material costs
  • Forecast demand based on industry production trends
  • Manage the Operations process from R&D through production
  • Standardize procedures from order management through delivery
  • Contract manufacturing control and vendor relationship management
  • Warranty tracking and after-sale services
  • Equipment and core component serialization tracking
  • Reduce inventory and increase accuracy
  • Track item revisions and changes
  • Attach and store critical documents
  • Meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Affordable Care Act regulatory compliance
  • Prepare ISO 9000 Certificates of Quality

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