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Cliff Horst

Cliff Horst
Clint is the VP Application Support at RKL eSolutions with an expertise in SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Sage 500, Sage X3, and KnowledgeSync.

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Using Crystal Reports to Generate Reports from a Command Line

A lot of Sage 500 ERP clients ask us how they can have some reports generated automatically, put on a schedule and email them to team members. This is what I am going to discuss in the post. For this posting I am running on Windows Server 2012 R2 64 .

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Crystal Reports Doesn’t Display All Objects in the Database

If you use Crystal Reports with an ERP System database, chances are you have encountered this issue. There is a registry setting in Crystal Reports that restricts the objects that are available to add to a report to 8000 objects. This can be .

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Sage X3 Batch Server Will Not Start

I recently had a customer that was unable to start their batch server in Sage X3 product update 8. The Batch Server status was stuck at “Restart in Progress”. This issue occurred after an unplanned power outage that resulted in the Sage X3 .

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Sage X3 Automatic Downloads in Chrome

Recently, I had a customer that had to physically click the Download button when previewing a report to generate the preview. This resulted in extra clicks and was annoying to the user. With some simple setting tweaks, the behavior of the Chrome .

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