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Sage X3 Batch Server Will Not Start

Sage X3 Reboot

I recently had a customer that was unable to start their batch server in Sage X3 product update 8. The Batch Server status was stuck at “Restart in Progress”. This issue occurred after an unplanned power outage that resulted in the Sage X3 Application Server restarting. Here were our steps that resolved the issue:

  1. After unplanned reboot, the batch server was stuck in status “Restart in Progress”
  2. If you try and start the batch server, it spins for awhile and returns “Batch Server is not started”
  3. Even after changing the X3.ABATPAR.STOP_0 to 0 (from 3) to force it to inactive, it still wouldn’t start.
  4. However, when I tried to log into the X3 Reference folder, I received an error: Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: OBJECT : decla_mbr(OBJECT):File does not exist in the archive!(2).
  5. This error didn’t allow any modules to be accessed and only showed the Administration module
  6. To resolve, I went to the PROD folder and Development\Utilities\Archive Generation and generated against the X3 folder. (it warned me twice that I was doing this against X3 and I took a full backup of the X3 folder in windows and clicked OK).
  7. After the archive generation ran, I was able to access the X3 folder and modules AND was able to start the Batch Server successfully

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Cliff Horst

Written by Cliff Horst

Cliff Horst is the VP Application Support at RKL eSolutions with an expertise in SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Sage 500, Sage X3, and KnowledgeSync.