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All New Additions and Upgrades in Sage Intacct R4: 2023

Sage Intacct R4 2023 is here! Here are several features that Sage has added and updated in User Experience, Accounts Receivable, Projects and more. 


  1. Enhance the security of employee bank details with a new feature in the audit trail that allows you to mask this sensitive information.
  2. Determine how numbers should be formatted for thousand separator and decimal separator ; for example in the US numbers are formatted as 12,123.45, while in Europe it may be formatted as 12.123,45
  1. Exciting news for Sandbox customers! You now have the ability to easily create, refresh, and manage sandboxes on your own without having to log a support ticket. Note: you are still limited to 4 refreshes per year.
  2. New in this release is the API Usage dashboard, where you can monitor and analyze API activity throughout the entire company. This allows businesses to identify issues and more accurately optimize integrations.

user experience

  1. Learn more about the unveiling of new colors, fonts and link designs
  2. Uncover the data you need with ease using enhanced list features that allow for seamless drilling down into specific information. Learn more about the Beta Interface here

General Ledger

  1. Now, you have the flexibility to customize your GL account numbers to your preference. You can easily adjust the length and the actual numbers themselves to better align with your accounting needs.
  2. How far is too far? Specify how far into the future you allow transactions to be posted.
  1. No adjustments in locked periods: Before finalizing a period, it is crucial to ensure that all necessary changes have been made. Once a period is locked, it is not possible to go back and make any adjustments.

Accounts payable

  1. Made a mistake on a submitted bill? No problem. Intacct added a “recall a bill” option to make changes to bills in the approval queue.
  1. Enhanced sorting flexibility feature in the Vendor Aging report. Now, you have the ability to select multiple vendors, sort them by vendor group, and even add child vendors to gain a comprehensive view of your payables. This enhanced functionality allows for better organization and analysis of your vendor data.
  2. Now, it is mandatory to classify a vendor as an individual person. This is used for Security purposes when using Vendor Payments powered by CSI.
  3. You can now easily view the Preferred payment method for each vendor in the Pay bills section. This new feature allows you to confirm you are paying the vendor with the correct method of payment. 

Accounts Receivable

  1. As an early adopter, effortlessly and swiftly allocate customers to bank transactions and receive multiple payments for multiple customers, all directly from the Bank transaction page. Once the payments are received, they automatically match with the posted payments in Sage Intacct and the bank transactions for seamless reconciliation. *Early Adopter indicates it is not yet ready for general release, but coming soon.
  2.  Support for Parent-Child payments, also referred to as National Accounts. A parent customer can now pay invoices for the children.  You can also receive a payment from an outside source and apply to any open AR Invoice
  1. Custom aging report: same changes made as the AP Aging
  2. Deposit Slip printout has been enhanced to include additional information.



  1. Nonprofit organizations often find the term "billable" irrelevant when dealing with grants. With just a simple click, you can now replace the Billable label with Qualified expense, and watch as all related labels are instantly updated. For example, Billable becomes Qualified expense, for the full list of changes, click here


  1. Discover Sage Intacct Project Intelligence, a tool that provides valuable insights into employee time and performance. By understanding employee efficiency, you can uncover trends and make informed business decisions. 

  2. With the new Project or Grant Costing and Billing subscription, you now have the ability to capture in-depth project or grant estimates, allowing you to compare estimated costs to actual costs. This enhanced feature provides you with greater visibility into the profitability of your projects or grants.

cash management

  1. Be an early adopter for the Bank transaction assistant. Effortlessly and efficiently allocate customer payments to bank transactions, allowing for the receipt of multiple payments from multiple customers directly on the Bank transaction page. Once the payments are received, they automatically reconcile with the posted payments in Sage Intacct and the bank transactions, streamlining the reconciliation process.


  1. Introducing a new application available for purchase called Advanced ownership consolidation, a revolutionary financial consolidation solution that enables partial ownership through tiered consolidation. The subscription is designed to support varying entity ownership percentages and multiple levels of consolidation through clearly defined parent-subsidiary partnerships. 
  1. Select the ideal Consolidation subscription for your business requirements from the simplified names: Domestic Consolidation, Global Consolidation, or Advanced Ownership Consolidation. Enjoy greater flexibility to make your financial consolidation process even smoother. Note: these 3 module require subscription purchase.


  1. Now, with the new compliance tracking feature, you have the ability to prevent paying vendors with outstanding lien waivers. This ensures that you avoid paying any Accounts Payable (AP) bills to non-compliant vendors, providing you with an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

inventory control

  1. Previously only accessible through an early-adopter program, we are thrilled to announce that fulfillment for sales order management is now available to all users. 

    New fulfillment feature that allows warehouse managers and workers to have powerful tools at their disposal to track and ship sales orders in a timely manner. Additionally, the feature includes pick and pack lists, which streamline the tasks of pickers and packers on the warehouse floor, making their jobs more efficient and cost-effective. As sales orders progress through fulfillment, Sage Intacct automatically reserves and allocates quantities, preventing them from being used elsewhere. You can manage all aspects of sales orders - from picking and packing to shipping and invoicing - all from a single, convenient page. This comprehensive solution simplifies the entire process and enhances your order management efficiency.

  2. The ability to reserve quantities for items in a sales order. When creating a sales order, you have the option to specify the quantity to reserve or the quantity that has already been picked and allocated for an item. Once these quantities are entered, they are committed to the order and cannot be used elsewhere, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and preventing conflicts with other sales orders or fulfillment activities.


  1. Unlock the potential of your learning experience with the ICRW learning journey. This comprehensive roadmap provides valuable resources, including helpful guides, training videos, and access to Sage University classes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, the ICRW learning journey is your ultimate companion on the path to success.

time and expenses

  1. Time enhancements in Sage Intelligence: to speed up reporting, you are now able to synch all draft timesheets at once. There's also added performance enhancements to Time Assistant as well as a new look.


Watch our intacct r4 webinar!

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Karen Hanley

Written by Karen Hanley

Karen Hanley is a Sage Intacct Senior Solution Architect with RKL eSolutions, LLC. Karen is an accomplished professional services consultant with over 25 years’ experience managing the implementations of accounting/ERP software through all phases of the project life cycle. Her areas of expertise are in software configuration, project management, data conversion, documentation, process improvements, reporting, and training. When not working, Karen enjoys traveling, sailing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.