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How much does Sage Intacct Cost: Software Subscription

Sage Intacct's cost varies based on the size of your team and the modules that your business needs. For example, A company outgrowing QuickBooks which needs core financials, 2 additional entities, 5 business users, and 10 employee users, would pay $21,180 for Sage Intacct’s annual subscription. Implementation services for that configuration are likely to cost somewhere between $25,000 - $30,000.

When I speak with prospective clients, they typically have lots of questions about product functionality, partnering with RKL, and the process to successfully migrate away from their existing misery to Sage Intacct. Inevitably, they also want to know how much it’s going to cost! Typically, it’s toward the end of the call and then they ask in one of the following ways:

  • It may be too early to finalize everything, but what’s the price to license and implement Sage Intacct?
  • I won’t hold you to it, but how much is this going to set me back?
  • OK … bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a house … what are we looking at?

And in those situations, I typically respond with, “Did you just say ‘breadbox’”?? After the awkward silence passes, I then explain how Sage Intacct pricing is the combination of modules, user licenses, and entities.

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  • Core financial modules – General Ledger, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation / Cash Management, Financial Reporting and Dashboards, 7 dimensions, one legal entity
  • Advanced modules are added as required; a sample list is below
    • Inventory management
    • Dynamic allocations
    • Budgeting and planning
    • Spend management
    • Project Accounting
    • Contract Management and Rev Rec
    • Advanced CRM (Salesforce) integration
    • Multi-currency and global consolidations

Named User Licenses

  • Business users – your core accounting team with unlimited access rights restricted based on permissions
  • Employee users – users with limited access rights to view reports on the Dashboard; enter/approve expense reports, timesheets and/or purchase requisitions.
  • Project manager users – employee user rights + the ability to create and edit projects, resources and tasks; approve / edit project timesheets; create and view project-related reports.
  • Warehouse users – employee user rights + the ability within Intacct's inventory module to create, edit, and delete order entry, purchasing, and inventory control transactions. In addition includes additional rights to execute maintain inventory valuation, replenishment, and build/disassemble kits.


  • Your first legal entity is included with the core accounting bundle; additional legal entities are an additional charge.
  • Organizations with large numbers of entities or entities with limited transaction volumes have options for special pricing

So … Back to the Breadbox

Pricing scenario: A company outgrowing QuickBooks needs core financials, 2 additional entities, 5 business users, and 10 employee users.

Sage Intacct’s annual subscription for that configuration is $21,180

Note: if your business requires one or more advanced modules, your subscription will increase accordingly. There are so many scenarios depending on the industry and individual business requirements, the best way to get details for your specific needs is to call us to walk you through the specifics.

Note 2: whatever your configuration, it’s going to be a considerably larger breadbox than QuickBooks (or a legacy solution) requires. But in client after client, we see that Sage Intacct provides compelling return on investment by enabling improved visibility, greater automation, and streamlined integration. The accounting team often improves efficiency by 25% or more, which enables them to be a much more strategic partner to the organization!

RKL’s Sage Intacct Implementation Services

Details of the implementation process will be covered in the next post, but a good rule of thumb for services is that for every dollar you spend in subscription, you can expect to spend 1 – 1.5 dollars with a consulting organization like RKL. In our scenario above, implementation services are likely to cost somewhere between $25,000 - $30,000.

The services are an important component of your first-year financial investment but are absolutely essential to help you get the most value from Sage Intacct. With that in mind, our next blog post will feature more details on RKL’s implementation services and the value that we provide for our clients in the implementation process and beyond.

To learn more about the full cost of Sage Intacct, read the next to posts in our series:
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Mark Severance

Written by Mark Severance

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