IT and Cybersecurity Assessment Helping Companies Protect the Data Entrusted to Them

RKL’s cybersecurity assessment services allow your company to take a proactive stance against threats to your data. Our team has the expertise to help companies implement more robust cybersecurity programs or evaluate existing programs to meet the highest industry and regulatory standards now and into the future.

With decades of experience conducting cybersecurity assessments in the heavily regulated financial services industry, our IT and risk management professionals base their testing and practices on widely recognized governing organizations such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security (SANs) Institute.

From vulnerability testing and deficiency identification to security improvement, our highly credentialed experts deliver solutions that position you to meet advancing data threats and requirements head on.


Cybersecurity-Asessment-Services_ThumbnailCybersecurity Assessment Services

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RKL’s IT/Cybersecurity Assessment Services

  • Information security policy and procedures
  • Enterprise IT risk analysis
  • Network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
  • Maintenance, storage and privacy of customer data
  • Vendor and third-party management audits, risk assessments and policy and procedure development
  • System access and user identification management
  • Incident monitoring and reporting
  • Information security audits
  • Evaluation of regulatory compliance with government and private sector requirements
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery audits and plan development
  • Network security audits and access
  • System application audits of all major banking applications
  • Customer privacy/GLBA audits and risk assessments
  • Identity theft/red flag audits and risk assessments
  • Program implementation and staff training

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