Not-for-Profit The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania sticks with Sage

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) is a statewide, nonprofit association representing Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. The Association serves to strengthen the counties’ ability to govern their own affairs and improve the well-being and quality of life of their constituents by effecting favorable state and federal legislation, programs, and policies, and by providing strategic programs, services, and training to its membership, county leaders, and their staff.


"Sage X3 and Sage Intelligence will pay for themselves through the efficiencies we gain."

—Tim Waros, Financial Analysis 


Migrating from Sage 100

“The Association was using another Sage solution, Sage 100 ERP,” explains Tim Waros, financial analyst with CCAP. “We were seeking more sophisticated financial reporting tools, and a more robust platform to facilitate integrations with our other software applications.” CCAP analyzed several solutions before selecting Sage  X3. “We remain impressed with Sage and its accounting solutions,” Waros says. “We looked at other solutions from other publishers, but in the end, we made the choice to stay with Sage.”

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Fast to implement, Easy to Use

Once CCAP made the decision to migrate its operations to Sage X3, the data conversion and financial package implementation process went quickly and smoothly. The Association worked with their technology partner, RKL eSolutions, to streamline the transition between Sage 100 and Sage X3. CCAP and RKL eSolutions were able to utilize the supplied import templates to help speed the data conversion and the highly configurable setup options to configure the software to meet CCAP’s unique requirements.

“You might think that such a powerful application would be difficult to implement and to use, but it’s not,” says Waros. “Sage X3 is surprisingly fast to implement; we were live within five months. It is also very easy to learn because of its intuitive navigation.”

Modern, Industry-standard Solution

CCAP also appreciates the web capabilities of Sage X3. Waros says the fact that CCAP could run Sage X3 on the Microsoft SQL database was an important selling point. “SQL is an industry-standard platform, and our IT department was already proficient with the tools available for managing the database. The open architecture makes integration with our other systems much simpler.”


“We can run Sage X3 through a web browser or as a desktop application,” Waros notes, “making the product more easily accessible to users.” Juggling multiple disconnected systems often leads to duplicate data entry within an organization. That was the case for CCAP before it implemented Sage X3. “We have specialized software used for insurance claims processing,” explains Waros. “Using Sage X3, we can import approved claim payments into the Accounts Payable module, automatically creating invoices. Flexible tools like this are the reason that Sage X3 works so well for us.”

Powerful Reporting Tools

CourthouseThe Association has complex financial reporting requirements that Sage X3 is helping to streamline. “We track 18 separate entities and need to look at the financial data in a number of different ways,” explains Waros. “Some of our users need to see the financial data rolled up by program, while others need more detail. Users that previously could not access the financial system now have the capability to run reports and look up information on their own.”

In addition to the core reporting tools included with Sage X3, CCAP makes use of Sage Intelligence, a Microsoft® Excelbased business intelligence and reporting tool that speeds report generation. “Once a report is generated, it utilizes the familiar tool set of Excel,” says Waros. “The out-of-the-box templates can be easily customized to create a custom balance sheet/income statement using a graphical design view.”

Paying for Itself

CCAP continually strives to operate a lean and efficient operation, using technology in strategic ways to help meet that goal.

“Sage X3 and Sage Intelligence will pay for themselves through the efficiencies we gain,” concludes Waros. “It’s clear that these are solutions that Sage is investing in, keeping them current, relevant, and ahead of the curve. We’re very happy about our decision to stay with Sage.

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