IS Assurance Turn Risk into a Competitive Advantage

Risk is inherent to business. Ignore it and it can take on a life of its own. Manage risk strategically and you can improve performance, reduce costs and realize efficiencies. Increasingly, today’s most successful companies – both large and small – are leveraging a comprehensive risk management strategy to provide them a competitive advantage.

Why Choose RKL eSolutions?

RKL eSolutions helps companies identify, manage and mitigate a wide range of risks including financial, information technology (IT), operational and performance. Our approach extends beyond internal controls and compliance risk – we deliver risk management services aligned with your company’s unique mission and values for more successful outcomes. Whether it’s assisting your internal resources in meeting their goals or providing fully outsourced risk management solutions, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to get your results.

Our team encompasses a wide range of professional services including compliance, internal audit services, fraud prevention and more. We work with financial executives and owners from a wide range of company types, both privately and publicly owned. We help companies align its IT strategic plan with the business strategic plan to reduce the risk of IT not meeting the business needs. Because IT is such a critical component of every organization, there is a risk an organization cannot accomplish its goals and objectives without a strong IT department and IT controls.

From establishing control structures to developing new policies and procedures, our primary goal is to help you manage risk in a way that allows you to meet your organizational and financial goals.

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Don’t Chance Inexperienced Partners

Our IS Assurance team includes professionals with extensive industry risk management and public accounting experience. They understand firsthand the challenges today’s companies face and have a proven track record of developing strategies and solutions that appropriately balance risk and opportunity.

Our approach to delivering services is flexible and focuses on your organization’s specific needs. Whether your company is seeking a broad-based strategic risk management plan or needs expertise in specific areas such as fraud prevention or internal audit, our experienced team of professionals is here to help.

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