Wireless Site Survey What is Wireless Site Survey?

Using specialized tools and software, wireless site surveys are able to gather information about a company’s wireless signal strengths within their facilities.


Why Wireless Site Survey?

Wireless networks are everywhere, almost every business now has some sort of wireless network to support laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Unfortunately, many businesses have wireless networks that that perform less than optimally. Issues such as slow speeds, disconnects, or even just being unable to connect to a wireless network can cause frustration for the users and degrade productivity.  Many of our Sage Software implementations require optimized wireless networks.

We Can Help!

Fortunately, most of these issues can be resolved! Using the proper tools, and with proper planning, wireless networks can be reliable and issue free. Wireless networks can be a misunderstood technology that runs into a lot of interference. Obstruction can be caused from other Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, anything with a remote signal. RKL eSolutions uses the Wireless Site Survey to identify the most optimal placement of wireless connections and what interference factors to work around, remove or beware of.


  • Eliminate network deadspots
  • Improve internal warehouse connectivity
  • Enable a barcode scanning environment
  • Improve real-time data flow

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