Agriculture Equipment Durham Pump Flourishes with Sage 100

Durham Pump & Irrigation is an agricultural irrigation contracting company in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. Durham Pump provides engineering design and installation of agricultural irrigation systems along with agricultural and commercial pumping systems while also repairing and rebuilding irrigation equipment.

“RKL has helped us get ‘unstuck’ and look at our business a different way. This has helped us move forward and be more efficient by better leveraging the information within our business.”


                                                                                                                                                                                              - Representative, Durham Pump

operating on dated systems

Durham Pump operate on a 5-acre facility and 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The warehouse is home to an extensive inventory of over 3,000 distinct items, ranging from irrigation pipe, replacement parts, hardware to other supplies, and keeping track of it all requires a timely and up-to-date management system, Something Durham Pump did not have.

They had been using an out-of-date, proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for 18 years. The old system was hard to use, unstable (system crashes and data corruption), and lacked enhanced functionality. Carbon copy invoicing was also an extremely manual and time consuming process that generated massive paper trails

The need for advanced reporting functionality was key to a new solution for Durham Pump; to eliminate manual processes and give them proper tools to quickly a system that would enable them to “go paperless” and incorporate electronic signatures.

cultivating the solution

RKL eSolutions worked with the team at Durham Pump to analyze their business structure and needs
nd recommend the Sage 100 solution. Sage 100’s proprietary inventory management system would allow Durham Pump to easily track parts and supply chain while the integrated financial planner would assist their finance team in managing invoices 
digitally. The RKL eSolutions team implemented and optimized the system to fit Durham Pump's requirements.

harvesting results

Durham Pump was able to manage and track their business functions through their newly organized system. Additionally, Durham Pump was able to get even further information out of the system with the Business Insights module. Using Business 
Insights, the client quickly customized reports to significantly improve data presentation/analysis for faster and more insightful reporting. By implementing signature pad processing at their counters (point of sale), Durham Pump achieved a new level of paperless office.

harvesting results

By working diligently with Durham Pump to identify needs carefully balanced with their team and financial abilities; RKL played a key role in  expanding Durham Pump’s ERP capabilities. Sage 100 allowed Durham Pump to stay within budget, while giving them the ability to continuously improve their business processes. Through the paperless  office environment, created via use of system features and the implementation of signature pad  processing; Durham Pump is actively saving time, money, and storage space, all while having better accessibility to data.

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