Rental Equipment PDQ Better Equipped for Growth with Sage Intacct

Prompt Dependable Quality: not only what the letters PDQ stand for, but also the company's founding principles. In 70 years of business and within three generations, PDQ, a southern California company that rents construction equipment, has held on to many practices in order to grow and better assist its customers. First focusing on rentals, PDQ has since expanded to include sales and services in the mix.


But one such practice, leveraging technology, hadn't quite grown as well to meet PDQ's needs. "We were on a program called MAS 90 (Sage 100) for about 26 years… we essentially inputted everything manually," says Todd Turner, President and grandson to founders Bud & Doris Turner. Todd knew there needed to be a change.


" The RKL team were phenomenal assistance in transitioning over in 2020 and working with us patiently and getting things set up… it’s very comforting to know that we’ve got that support with RKL. "

—Elizabeth Camp, Controller 


PDQ started researching new technology that could streamline and automate most of their existing processes. As an established rental company, they also had to find a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing rental software.


"Part of the process in looking at and deciding to go with Sage Intacct was because we use Point of Rental, which is a partner with Intacct, so it's easier automation because they'd already done in the past," says Todd.


But the work wasn't over yet. PDQ still needed a Sage software partner to help them implement Sage Intacct. They set out to find the best fit and ultimately turned to RKL. Todd says, "We’re familiar with RKL because that's who we used for 20 years on our financial software. We met with RKL and they definitely had a good background and a strong team. As we're answering questions, they were familiar with just about everything and had already done it before."

exchange knowledge, better results

The implementation stage was not so typical, as both RKL and PDQ learned that there was something to gain for both parties. "There are two different sides, at least on our integration, because we had to deal with Point of Rental. RKL hadn't done a Point of Rental automation yet, but they talked to other rental companies, and once we got the two of them on the same page, RKL led the dance for sure," Todd says. 


After collecting all the data they needed, the RKL team got to work demonstrating processes and answering questions along the way. Turner recalls, "As we're looking at it, we're saying ‘”Hey what's this part going to look like?’." There was a good game plan, there was a schedule, there was a calendar, and there was a questionnaire to ask us how we wanted some of the processes to be set up." Overall, Turner says, "We were super happy with the transition."

a game changer with sage intacct

It has been two years since PDQ migrated to Sage Intacct and Todd says it has significantly improved their processes. "Now, as we close a transaction, it feeds directly inside Sage Intacct and so a lot of the data is actually live, at least on the revenue side, and as we start catching up on the expenses and putting in depreciation, and so forth, then we get a real snapshot of what everything looks like. Everybody on our team would say it's been a huge help. We've been able to automate so many processes."


As an added bonus, PDQ has also been able to go paperless. "We had so many times, where we print something, and it goes across to somebody's desk. Now we set up approvals inside Sage Intacct, and you can see where everything's at in the process… everything is much more visible," Says Todd.


As for the future, Todd states that they still have more to learn with Sage Intacct, and RKL has aided in that development. "As we continue to catch up, then we'll continue to automate some more processes and start moving ahead so we can really look and see where we're at on the daily. If we have any snags along the way, RKL is always available and just a phone call or an email away, so I would say we've been very happy on the support side."


Elizabeth Camp, Controller at PDQ, added that the RKL team "Were phenomenal assistance in transitioning over in 2020 and working with us patiently and getting things set up… it's very comforting to know that we've got that support with RKL."


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