Rental Equipment Sage 100 Shines a Light on Flight Light's Technological Processes

Flight Light Inc, who was founded in 1993, manufactures and assembles lighting and electrical equipment for airports and heliports. Their products are sold worldwide to a variety of clients including commercial, private and military.


  “RKL eSolution’s knowledge of custom features helped us bring improvements across all departments”

—Isabel Martin, President 

Businessworks - outdated technology

Flight Light was outgrowing and constrained by their BusinessWorks solution, impacting performance and delivery. Outdated technology required manual system interventions in areas such as Inventory and Bill of Materials (BOM) management and processing, consuming valuable time which could have otherwise been applied to manufacturing and business development.

transitioning beyond sage businessworks

Flight Light needed a solution that was strong in accounting but also supported multi-level BOMs.  When it came to migrating to another product, non-Sage solutions were considered. Flight Light  recognized the value-add of the configurations and functionality within the Sage 100 product and  ultimately chose to stay within the Sage family. It was also important to them that RKL eSolutions understood both products.

post-implementation process & improvements

Migrating all of Flight Light’s data from BusinessWorks to Sage 100 was a big undertaking. Flight  Light’s active role in system testing and completing trial runs helped speed implementation. Their shared ownership with RKL of the project allowed Flight Light to go live more smoothly and ahead of schedule!

Key benefits Flight Light is capitalizing on include significantly improved internal workflows, a recognized 40% improvement in production delivery times, and increased customer satisfaction. Empowered by systems which embrace current technology, and with RKL eSolutions consulting at their side, Flight Light executive management continues driving existing and new business in current and expanded markets.

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