Rental Equipment Sage Intacct becomes Time Saver for Hall Ambulance

Over the past 50 years, Hall Ambulance has stayed at the forefront of advancements in emergency medical services and investments in technology. Hall became the first local ambulance service to provide paramedic service, implemented Kern County, California’s first critical care transport program and, founded the Harvey L. Hall EMS Academy. Today, Hall Ambulance serves as the 9-1-1 paramedic provider for 88% of Kern County’s population.


“We absolutely love the software, love that we can do it anywhere and that it’s very, very user-friendly.”

—Michelle Garretson, Financial Controller 

A technological emergency

Before deciding to make the switch to Intacct, Hall Ambulance was using Sage 300 for all of their accounting needs. “It handled all facets of accounting, the P&L, the general ledger, reporting, accounts payable, etc. We also used it for analytics and managing the chart of accounts,” says Michelle Garretson, Financial Controller at Hall Ambulance.

But Sage 300 proved to be too time-consuming and dated to keep up with their growth. “We could run reports, but had no way to know what the details were, the reports were just numbers and we couldn’t drill down to get the information that we were looking for. If an error occurred, we would have to run a report to find out what was posted, add an adjusting journal entry, and go back to run another report to make sure that it was posted correctly. It just took a lot of back and forth correcting entries,” says Garretson.

The final straw came when Hall Ambulance started having server issues in June of 2019. Garretson says “It disrupted our access to our accounting program, we did not want to continue updating information over and over, so we were forced to process 
everything manually.” It was at this time that the accounting team started researching new accounting software–specifically cloud- based solutions. “We wanted to make sure that it was cloud-based so that we would not be put in that position
again," says Garretson.

sage intacct to the rescue

Following their company’s culture of technological progress, in March 2020, Hall Ambulance’s accounting team went live with a new Sage Intacct cloud financial management solution. Garretson goes on to explain how Sage Intacct’s features and approved compliance made the most impact on their decision. “We did look at several other products… I wasn’t as impressed with the other software companies as I was with the ease-of- use and the user-friendly design of Sage Intacct. It was also the only accounting software that was approved by the AICPA and named as their preferred accounting provider, which made a huge difference to me. That meant that we would be gaining an accounting program that is GAAP compliant.”

When the decision was made to move forward in the implementation process, Hall Ambulance turned to the RKL team. “The experience was very, very robust. We met with the RKL team in our office and they answered all our questions. Nothing was hidden or held back.”

saving time where it counts

Now after implementing Sage Intacct, Hall Ambulance has seen a huge difference in their accounting processes with Intacct’s transparency and ease of use. Garretson says “after a solid year of use,  I’m even more impressed and very happy with the functionality and the software itself. It was very easy to learn, easy to move in and out of the modules, and is very user-friendly. Running reports, pulling financial data, and adding new accounts to the general ledger tree are all very easy to accomplish.”


These aren’t the only benefits either, as Garretson says she has also seen a valuable increase in time and risk reduction. “The staff is more productive after using Sage Intacct now that we can see a transaction in detail, without going back and forth to the various modules. The risk reduction is a huge factor, by being on a cloud- based software, we have greatly reduced the risk of having our accounting processes come to a complete halt if our system fails or if there’s a hardware problem. ”

Overall, Hall Ambulance is very happy with Sage Intacct thus far and the support they receive from RKL. “They are available by phone or email if we ever need them for any help now or down the road.” When asked whether she had advice for anyone considering migrating to Sage Intacct from Sage 300, she simply said: “Do it. You won’t be sorry—we absolutely love the software, love that we can do it anywhere and that it’s very, very user-friendly.”


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