Sage 500 ERP System Requirements


Whether you are looking to implement Sage 500 ERP, preparing to upgrade to the latest version, or are in the market for new computer servers, you’ve come to the right place .

In order for Sage 500 ERP to function properly there are a few technical and hardware requirements that you should know about. So here are a few important factors to consider before you start your Sage 500 project or update.

NOTE: This information and specifications are relevant for Sage 500 Version 2017.

Sage 500 Minimum Hardware Requirements

The following table details guidelines for Windows, SQL Server, and Sage 500 ERP edition, and the hardware you typically require. You must meet or exceed Ram and disk space minimums above the operating system minimum requirements.


Sage 500 ERP Licenses

The platform and SQL Server edition you use will normally correspond to the Sage 500 ERP edition you choose to license. Also, be sure to review user range limitation, modules not available, and the maximum number companies and warehouses allowed, before implementing or upgrading your system.


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