Sage X3 vs Infor SyteLine

The shear number of ERP software solutions out there is daunting. As a result, the task of choosing the right ERP software for your company can be extremely difficult.

ERP systems are not “one size fits all.”  What works perfectly for one company may not fit for you, your users, your objectives, or your workflow processes.

So to help break it all down for you, here’s how Sage Sage X3 vs Infor SyteLine – two popular ERP solutions on the market today – stack up against one another.

Process, Discrete Manufacturing, or Mixed-Mode

Sage X3 supports Discrete, Process, and Mixed-Mode manufacturing environments natively out-of-the-box.  This allows Sage X3 to be implemented across multiple businesses within a single entity that have differing manufacturing software needs.

Sage delivers unique implementation templates and methodologies to optimize for industry-specific requirements during the product setups. Sage X3 also recognizes unique regulatory needs and accommodates FDA, USDA, MSDS, and other critical compliance requirements within the industries.

Infor SyteLine is a Discrete Manufacturing solution with strong capabilities in certain industry segments. If you are a Process Manufacturer or have Mixed-Mode requirements, though, Infor recommends that you consider Infor M3, formerly known as Lawson.

For entities with multiple companies across different manufacturing types, this means multiple Infor ERP products to accommodate each.

Vertical or Best-of-Breed

Sage X3 is a complete ERP solution that leverages the breadth of the Sage portfolio and its ISV Community. Sage has a diverse portfolio that includes product offerings for advanced features like CRM, HRMS, Fixed Assets, and more.

Many of these solutions are sold independently with market-leading recognition. Sage will continue to leverage the strength of these solutions through integrations that extend the standard capabilities of core Sage X3.

Infor SyteLine is specifically designed for Discrete manufacturers with 3+ year old roadmap plans to provide ‘industry packs’ for microverticals like ‘Rubber and Plastics’, ‘Metal Stamping’, and others.

While the Infor portfolio is deep with more the 100 products, integration is achieved through middleware known as Infor ION. The vision has not delivered its full potential, though, because of various development platforms, technologies, and priorities of the individual Product Managers.

Deployment and Technology: Sage X3 vs Infor

Sage X3 can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or in the Cloud.

Sage X3 Online, supports full-functionality while giving organizations the flexibility and freedom to reduce its onsite technical requirements because of its Cloud deployment. The intuitive and collaborative interface is based on HTML5 which supports multiple browsers and user personalization.

Sage X3 and Sage X3 Online also offer mobile access and a host of web apps, as well as Microsoft Office integration and all-new powerful search functionality. The Sage X3 platform was developed using cloud native technologies that are available to developers and users.

Infor SyteLine claims to have deployment options that include on-premises, hosted, and cloud. But its cloud offering is effectively a hosted service offering known as Infor Cloudsuite. This option is simply a hosted offering through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and requires the full purchase of Infor SyteLine plus additional monthly operating expenses through (AWS) based on access and usage.

Infor SyteLine SaaS Subscription does not support multi-tenancy which is a pre-requisite to launch and support true SaaS applications. Furthermore, the development language of Infor SyteLine – Infor Mongoose – is proprietary with no source code availability to end-users and limited availability to third-party solution providers which limits its enhancement and add-on capabilities.


Both Sage X3 and Infor SyteLine are competitively priced for perpetual licenses purchases while Infor SyteLine SaaS Subscription is not currently available for subscription licensing. With either product, there are a range of variables to consider when calculating your final cost.

But for purposes of comparison, here’s an example of pricing for a 10-User system:

Infor SyteLine cost for 10 users On-Premises – including base financials, inventory and manufacturing options starts at  $42,000 plus annual M&S.

Infor SyteLine cost for 10 user SaaS Subscription – currently not available for purchase.

Sage X3 cost for 10 users On-Premises – including but not limited to, financials, inventory and manufacturing starts at $45,000 plus annual M&S.

Sage ERP X3 Online cost for 10 users – including but not limited to, financials, inventory and manufacturing starts at $26,640 a year.

*Note: cost calculations performed based on information available as of April 2014. Please check with a Sage or Infor authorized partner for a quote or current pricing.


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